22 January 2014


No churn Avocado ice cream


Mother nature is undergoing a spa session it seems.Like a charm,she is getting fairer and fairer day by day.Name of her amazing facial is called "Snow" !!! .....What a visual treat it is !!! and when it melts,it transforms into some kind of serene yet bits of magical potion ...and I wish I could taste the first falling droplets (weird,eh?)...well when I was little I did that too ....and immediately that makes me crave for Snow's edible cousin,"Ice cream"....Unfortunately ,it's too cold to go for it especially if you are vulnerable to sore throat like me....ugghhh...."Mission impossible for me !!"...sighhh....sob....and that's what happened in the weekend ,suddenly those snows all over outside kinda lured me ..I was literally drooling at the very thought but ALAS !!! ... I've to wait for summer desperately ...However that reminded me that I do have previous summer's icecream post still in the draft ....and thought before I forget about it forever ...let me post it now....


I just love this ice cream a lot especially because it's home made...there is no need of any ice cream maker and with only few ingredients it can be churned into an unbelievably creamy ,soft ,yummy ice cream within no time and to top it all it has one of the famous super healthy fruit ,"Avocado" in it...though I am not a big fan of this fruit ,my hubby is!...he kinda forces me to eat them(because of health benefits) ..I was so fed up of eating them daily that ,I turned this into the ice cream which kinda automatically made me fall in love with this fruit all over again because it's flesh are so soft by itself & you can hardly feel it's AVOCADO there !! ....you get one of a kind smooth silky ice cream and forget about a single scoop ..U can't stop it !! ...and now you have the best excuse to enjoy this ice cream guilty less but then thank God it melts after a while otherwise I can finish it more faster than it was made ...all accolades or blames to Avocado !!

All you need to make an Avocado ice cream are condensed milk,heavy cream,vanilla and Avocado pulp and a hand mixer/electric mixer and just 5-10 minutes and then everything is just magiic....

Avocado ice cream


Condensed milk - 1 can (14 ounces)
Cold Heavy cream - 2 cup
Pure vanilla - 2 teaspoons
Ripe Avocado,pitted,scooped & mashed - 1-2 nos.


  •  In a large bowl,using an electric mixer,beat the heavy cream on high for 3 minutes approx until stiff yet soft peaks forms.
  • In another bowl ,stir condensed milk and vanilla together and add the above stiff peaked cream into it.
  • Finally add the scooped and nicely mashed avocado pulp into the above mixture (lump free) and give everything a good mix.
  • Pour it into a glass container or a loaf pan and freeze it for 6 hours approx or more or until firm.
  • That's it Avocado ice cream is ready!!!


Desperately waiting for summer and more Ice creamsss,