23 January 2014

No churn saffron icecream | Mango ice cream | Rose Ice cream

Well,they say ," You can't buy happiness,but you can buy ice cream and that's kind of same thing." So true !!! But what if we can make the same smooth silky creamy ice creams at home with the flavors we like and with a foolproof versatile recipe and for that you don't even have to own an ice cream maker ...handful of ingredients ,just 10 minutes and a few hours of patience are just needed to "Make or create happiness that is so cold to numb your stress,so creamy to give you an heavenly treatment , so soft that right from your tongue to heart to mind everything just turns super soft and you become a happy kid once again and what I really appreciate about ice creams are the saying ,"Life is just like an ice cream, enjoy it before it melts."  An edible philosophical reminder to appreciate life God gifted us!!

I've three of my favorite flavors :Saffron,Mango and Rose ice creams.....(They were in draft mode too)

Saffron ice cream 

saffron ice cream

Method is same as in Avocado ice cream except....replace avocado with a tablespoon of saffron immersed in warm water until it gives a bright yellow hue..here I added a drop of orange color as my next ice cream is Mango...to avoid confusion (yellow yellow)....

Mango Ice cream 


Same method just replace with 1/2 cup of ripe Mango pulp .

Rose ice cream

This is an old pic....

Method same as above replace the fruit with 1 tablespoon of rose syrup.

Can't wait for summer..to try more.........to eat more....to enjoy more...to live more...