26 January 2014

Tri color custard - Celebrating India's republic day ....

"Where the mind is without fear and the head is held high,
......................into that heaven of freedom,my father,let my country,India awake" ~ Rabindranath Tagore

And today all Indians will be waking up with pride in their heart and patriotism in their overall spirit, for today my motherland ,India is celebrating 65th republic day.Today was the day ,64 years back India attained Poorna swaraj ,Complete independence as after winning the freedom fight (on 15th August, 1947) , it was on 26th January,1950 ,India's constitution came into ultimate effect . Thus this day is celebrated with pride and patriotic fervor all over India .


This day ,the capital of India,New Delhi holds grand multi-cultural and military  parades ,flag hosting,commemorating freedom fighters and soldiers who laid down their life for the country selflessly,multi-awards especially national & bravery awards are honored to the soldiers or their family and other deserving citizens of the country.Each state participates highlighting their cultural heritage,childrens perform dance and song praising the country,Armed forces perfom motorbike parades,gunshoot honoring the bravesouls/soldiers/freedom fighters,Airforce perform fly past the audience/citizens pouring rose petals and the grand finale with a fly past by the airforce saluting the president of India and eventually leaving a trail of smoke in tri-colors representing the colors of flag of India. 

This day though no matter how imperfect our nation is (as are others) each and every Indian's chest swells with immense pride to be a part of a country which accomplished Independence  with non-violence , started by a single ordinary man ,"The father of our Nation,"Gandhi ji" " and later on joined and supported by other remarkable selfless freedom fighters who sacrificed their lives to save the pride and honor of their mother,Mother India.

It makes me proud and it makes me nostalgic too as this day during my childhood days,I recall-at school there used to be cultural programs and something I looked forward to the most - the distribution of chocolates and sweets :D ...kid in me loved that moment so much :D.....and at home I remember when I was born we had black and white TV at first so on this day we used to go over to our relatives next building who had color TV to watch all the cultural programs together and eat food thereafter.It used to be fun .


Later when we bought color TV,it was a pure family day as it is a national holiday, mom would cook all special food for the day ahead and we all would gather around the TV ,me infront of the idiot box and mom that day would forget scolding me no to sit infront of the TV warning me, it would harm my eyesight otherwise and my papa would become the commentator of the house once the program starts , commenting about each parade performed by each state (I loved hearing that-his enthu was contagious :) ) and then like me lecturing in precise :P the history of India (which I just nod but hardly heard :P) ...those were the days!!...DD1 was the only channel we had back then and we enjoyed every bit of program it showed except Krishi darshan :D ...when I think about them now,and the variety multi-lingual channels we 've nowadays,it's those simple programs aired in DD1 that holds a special memory in my heart ...I guess it's all about quality over quantity here...life was so simple and humble then...family spent quality time more then and consequently, everyone from my generation have common memories to cherish and long for now....

Being abroad,one appreciates their motherland more ..So, as a tribute to those memorable days and republic day of my country,I prepared a "Tri-color custard" representing the flag of India...

Tri color Custard


Any Custard powder (I used Weikfield -no eggs)- 9 teaspoons 
Milk - 6 cups
Sugar - 6 tablespoons
Edible food color (Orange and green)
Dark blue color to draw chakra/wheels with spokes .


  • In a bowl,mix custard powder in little milk until well combined and diluted (this keeps the custard lump free) .
  • Boil milk in a pan .Add sugar to it .
  • At boiling point ,add the above diluted custard powder slowly,stirring continuously .
  • Boil for a minute approx until the desired consistency is reached (it gets thickened).
  • Turn off the heat .Remove and allow it to cool .
  • Now pour the custard into three bowls respectively.
  • Add a drop of orange and green edible colors in two bowls respectively and mix well till the desired color is reached.
  • Put individual custards in the blender/mixer one by one  and run it just for a round.(Optional step -as it makes sure everything is well blended and lump free).
  • Now keep the three bowls of orange colored custard,green color custard and the one as it is (off-white) color into the refrigerator and allow it to chill for half an hour approx .
  • Take a glass,pour a tablespoon or more of green custard followed by the off-white one and finally layered by the orange color carefully(Layer by layer).
  • Tri-color custard is all set to celebrate the republic day of India....
Daane daane pe likha hai,desi khane walon ka naam ;D
 Happy Republic day to my country and my countrymens!!....

Saare jahan se achcha Hindustan Hamara,Hum bulbulein hai iski ye Gulsita Hamara.........:)

Vandey Matram

Submitting it to Shruti's Independent India event