08 October 2014

Chicken Sandwich-A leftover recipe


Honey P loves the baked chicken because it is healthy compared to the fried one but ask me what I like about the baked chicken.ASK ask ? ....I can hear you say,"It's quick to make ,you lazy!" and it's easy to clean the pan (since it is not that greasy) ,u kaamchor etc ..Well,Thanks for the compliments..Big Thumbs Up,you are right,u bright heads but there is more to it.If you are a tube light like me :P and  didn't guess it yet  ,I make a bunch of them and use it the next day for the sandwich as breakfast or even lunch Nodding Yes and Winking. How convenient is that?:P

That means I can sleep more,I can watch TV more,I can blog a bit,I can RELAX moreeee without worrying about the constant question nagging me the minute I wake up,"What's up for the breakfast or lunch now" ?Scratching Head...You've no idea how many hair I loose due to this everyday scratching !...So,to save my precious bouncy (allow me to exaggerate) hair and my time and moreover to spend more quality time with my hubby darling (to eat his brain) ,such baked leftovers are boon.

It is so easy to create, like a baked chicken makeover.This is how I do it:

Chicken Sandwich


Bread slices - 4 nos.
Baked chicken pieces- 2 nos
Onion , tomato & carrot slices
lettuce and/or any vegetable of your choice
Ketchup/Honey mustard sauce or any sauce as you need
Any salad dressing (I used Thousand island) to drizzle on top


  • Lightly toast the bread slices.
  • Apply Ketchup on both sides of bread slices.
  • Place the baked chicken on a bread slice.
  • Top it with lettuce,carrots,onion and tomato slices .
  • Drizzle your favorite salad dressing and place the other bread slice on the top.
  •  And the most important part,Open your mouth and BITE BIG.

Are you ready to take a bite?

Eat,love,live DELICIOUSLY,Winking Thumbs up