11 November 2014


My Heart stealer !
  Do you know what I do when life gives me lemon ? You guessed it right,I make "Lemonade" and when life gives me "Melon" ,I make ,whoa you brilliant ,you are so right,I make "MELONADE" Cheeky Smile .High ten!

Usually ,everyone makes drinks like this especially during summer, to keep them cool, I mean physically but as usual,weirdo me always do the opposite ...When everyone goes left ,I go right...I know you'll say ,"DUH!!" ,if you follow my blog ,you know that I am nothing like any other blogger ,I am someone who as usual breaks all the rules ....even in blogging...Manufacturing defect in my DNA I guess :P (Viewer discretion advised -->my mom & dad ) .

Don't break my heart!

So,what was I saying...yeah ,right Melonade!...Thanks for reminding !...Well,what can I say ,I love melons, so I guess ,I got super excited when I saw the Biig water melon at the store at a very good price ..even though Honey P warned me..."Are you sure you want that Huge water melon ?"

I was like,"Are you kidding me honey P,hell yeah !" .....As usual ,after having chunks of water melon everyday,I got fed up and my refrigerator was also not happy like honey P it seems,I got a warning that ,"Don't you put that huge stuff in me-I am full!" .So poor me ,had to come out with some recipes soon to finish and demolish this huge greeny pinky fruit ASAP. Chef
A bloody Melony....
 My last post MeLuce popsicle was one such creation and then ,I thought I will make a drink like a post workout drink...Whoa my treadmill and my body are ROFL !! ...well :-\

So,yeah this is one of my energy drink (now my lazy body will agree with me here for sure).I know you brilliant people (unlike me) ,would have already guessed it,but still ,Melonade is a fusion of  water MELON + lemonADE . I love it when our well known lemonade becomes tad colorful !!It's like I just murdered the lemonade hahaha....

Jokes apart. Melonade is very simple to make and quite a refreshing healthy drink.

This is how I make my Melonade,



Watermelon juice - 2 cups
Lemon juice (1 large lemon)- 1/4 cup
Sugar/Sugar free to taste (optional)
Regular Soda water as needed (optional)
Ice cubes as needed

Method :

  • Mix watermelon juice,lemon juice and sugar well until sugar completely dissolves, in a jar.
  • Add the soda water and ice cubes.
  • Mix and serve in a glass/glasses immediately.
I betcha,you will drink and say,"Dil maange more "/"My heart wants more" ,I did! ..Thank God!...and that's how I successfully completed that huge water melon to everyone's delight at my home.Now onwards, I'll buy small to medium size water melon only...what say ?...

By the way,it was so fun watching honey P lifting that huge water melon at the store,he can, for sure ,now win the world's weightlifting championship without any hassle Rolling On The Floor Laughing....