07 November 2014

MeLuce Popsicle


 I think, I am ,as always ,in a denial mode.Oh wait may be also in a bit cheating mode !

 I hate winter.I simply can't digest the fact that summer is gone.I want to freeze some summer fun I always look forward to.One among them are ice creams or ice pops/popsicles !! So,simply put,I made a very healthy and vibrant looking ice pop to rekindle the bygone summer

And as I said,I am also in a bit cheating mood or mode ,as I am using water melon juice and lettuce juice instead of something creamy,chocolate-y and henceforth ,cheating my palate and making it believe ,so what if it's made up of water melon and lettuce juice,it is an Ice pop.Enjoy !! Look at those colors ,how can you resist it ? Moreover,it is so healthy and so guilty free ...every bite will remind you ..gosh summer is still around !!


 Yep,the child in me always craves for ice creams or ice pops and my unhealthy calorie laden body craves for whatever but healthy !!...The outcome/compromise - An ice pop made up of water melon and lettuce juice !!


By the way ,why I chose Lettuce juice ? Well,to make a good use of leftover lettuce which would otherwise refuse to stay green for long in my refrigerator,they also get depression episode ,you see!!

And yeah,Water Melon+LetTuce = MeLuce popsicle.I had to name it so ,as I was afraid if my better 1//2 would otherwise refuse to eat it if he comes to know that the green thing is nothing but lettuce juice(He is not a lettuce fan).He thought it was something hi-fi.I revealed this secret once he was done with one and yes my fear did come true, rest of'em he left for me to complete happily.Lucky me !

Did you know ?

Lettuce juice is very helpful for healthy growth of hair .

Water Melon & Lettuce Popsicle

Makes 4


Water melon juice - 1 cup
Lettuce juice - 1 cup
Popsicle mold- 4 nos
Popsicle sticks - 4 nos


  1. Fill each mold with a layer (about 3/4 th size of the mold) of watermelon juice.
  2. Keep it in the freezer for an hour or until completely frozen.
  3. Now on top of that, put the second layer of lettuce juice.
  4. Keep it in the freezer until partially frozen enough to put the sticks into it and the sticks should stand firm.Keep it in the freezer until full frozen.
  5. Remove the frozen popsicles from the freezer and dip them slowly in a pan of warm water for about 10-20 seconds until it is loosened or splash warm water to the sides of the pop mold until it loosens up.
  1.  I didn't add any sugar.The water melon is sweet enough for me.
  2. To make lettuce juice,take a few leaves and puree it in a blender it with enough water until it becomes juice-y.You can add sugar here if you wish.
  3. Make sure that the first layer is completely frozen before adding the next layer, otherwise they will bleed and get mixed and second one should be partially frozen ,initially, so that stick can be inserted into it and then full frozen  . 
  4. You can also incorporate this popsicle (like next day) in another healthy smoothie as well.

 So,who said that you can't have a healthy -guilt free popsicle  and even if it's winter.This is my frozen edible summer version - colorful and healthy !! or another healthy beautiful way to incorporate healthy foods in my boring diet.How cool is that !..Ice ice baby.....