08 September 2015

WOW Topic:"Inspiration is within" - A letter to my future child ...

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My dear cuteheart ,

Hope my letter finds you in pink of your health,cuteness ,happiness and a big smile on your lovely face .May you always be in fine spirits forever . Amen !

I can't tell you how desperately we (I and your dad ) are waiting for you. I can't tell you how much we love you already .I can't tell you how many scenarios with you are already being discussed between me and your dad.I can't tell you,I am looking forward to bake and cook with you and Dad,learn all about science & space with you.I can't tell you how we are looking forward to read all those sweet stories together and watch cartoons.I can't tell you in how many ways, we are gonna love you like crazy .I can't tell you, it's been a tough journey to bring you to this world .

I can' tell you ,we can do anything to see your face ,your sweet smile,your little hands and toes ,your giggles,your tantrums,your chweet gibberish words,your plays ...well ,just you ! Somethings can't be explained ,only be felt !! So,you better come fast...we are eagerly waiting ...You are the best thing that can ever happen to us.

Then there are somethings that I can tell you-- from mamma's life experience, that will always guide you to live well,to make this God's precious gift called "Life", to live it to the best . So,shall we start !

Since you love to play.Let's make it a game .You know what,when mamma was a little girl,she used to play this game with her friends a lot.It's called "Name-Place-Animal-Thing ". It's very fun yet a mind game.Aaahan look at my little champ's face..what a grin ! Yes yes ,your mamma is blessed with a sharp mind..no kidding ...now don't bet with your dad ok .

Ok,let me explain you this game real quick .It is like there are two or more players .All are suppose to draw four columns for each words- Name-Place-Animal-Thing.One is selected to recite all the English alphabets and then the other one says stop,the letter where the reciter stops,is used by all the players to fill up those four columns.One who fills up fast and first, says stop and then for each unique entries to those columns ,every players gets 10 points and 5 points for common entries among them and 0 for blank ones.The person who makes the highest point wins eventually .Sounds interesting right! We will play one day with Dad..then don't be surprised when your mom wins ...Yayyyy !!

That was the rule of that game ,but that's not what I want to tell you exactly.I want to tell you a few rules of life ,how to break it and how to make it to the best, through this game . Ready ?

1.NAME - The name we have already selected for you ;it took a while for me to convince your dad that it is indeed a unique name ,as he insisted (It's a surprise-you'll know when you'll be born). Now don't ask us, why do we call you by so many names ,that ,even though sounds cute ,not-that-meaningful yet  makes you smile anyways .They are like a secret code among us .Honey , that's our love ! Your parents are madly in love with ya..

Your real name is your identity to the world that we chose with immense love and thought .Others may pronounce it properly,some may not but may you always be patient with that and always treat it like precious . Hope you will do your best to make your name shine like a star even if it is dark or like a sun, throughout the day making everything around bright and lively.

2.PLACE- No matter where you are,may you always find happiness and spread happiness . For that matter ,you don't have to travel world necessarily,or stay in a top notch five star hotel or pamper yourself in a lush spa ,wherever you are, make it a heaven .Just enjoy even if you have to break some rules and I know,you may ,and it's alright as long as you have got OUR approval..OK OK...your conscience's approval and your conscience is your God !! We trust our kiddo,like parents like child ...even though ,"Child is becoming the father of the man" ,is no doubt very sensible ! More power to you my child !!

3.ANIMALs'- Let's say all living beings instead . May you always respect every living being on this Earth . May you try your best to never judge or hurt anyone intentionally and since no one is perfect, if you do, may you apologise quickly ,learn from your mistakes and make sure you don't repeat it and then there will be time,when it will be vice versa ,if someone else hurts you in any way and it will happen ,don't get over-emotional (like your mamma at times).It is alright to cry ,frown,get furious,vent out but keep it within your limits and just like your mamma and Dad,dust it off,you forget and forgive that living being ,let Karma get'em but always remember the lessons and move on .

However,if you think you should speak up,then do speak up against anything unfair/ injustice ,fight for it,if you should,stand strong for your beliefs even if you are standing alone.

Surround yourself with living beings, that keeps you smiling even at your worst.They are the keepers for life.Those lessons will develop strength,build your character and guide you to live well harmoniously. Always have an attitude of gratitude ,respect and kindness towards others,their beliefs,their religion, their culture and a tad more for a woman,an elderly and any underprivileged person .

Animals & plants,they love you back more than you can imagine.Take care of them as much as possible.That doesn't mean you should be vegan or vegetarian to prove that .Just because you are not eating that chicken doesn't mean that chicken's life will be saved right .If you will not ,someone else will .You shouldn't be the first to kill to eat though .You see dearo,even vegetables are living things..A'int they ? But then it's your call ..we won't force you if you simply loath !

Enjoy Tom and Jerry even when you get old....Like your dad !

May you find humor in everything (not at other's expense though) ! It'll always keep you going & enjoying life to the fullest ...

4.THINGs' - May you fall in love with not just your name,place ,living being but also with everything. Love yourself first.Don't be scared to enjoy every bit of ice cream before it melts from that Baskin Robins,the pani puri from Laalu bhaiya's famous chaat bhandar across the highway (provided it is safe and hygienic) ,the cotton candy from the local fair ,the chicken burger from McDonalds ,rasgullas dunk in sugary syrup or cakes hidden under a creamy layer ...Love is blind indeed !

Well,well,who knows better than you ..wink wink...did you tell me about your latest crush ,or that person who stole your heart for sure and that you are in love ? That feeling is amazing right yet it can be little frustrating at times,so I want you to know ,we are all ears my dear ...we don't care you date : white,black,brown,pale ,skinny,curvy,geeky ,sassy or a sexy or your sister dates,a dark,tall,handsome or a short geeky lovely man like your dad  ...but yes that person should be of your opposite gender .That's THE law of nature, never the other way,though respect them but never follow that trend .Aren't you happy to say ,"I've a mom and dad..literally?"

Follow your heart but do consult your mind .We know you will not fall for just someone but someone beautiful inside out ,the one who will fill the gaps of your life with rainbow colors and hope that person you finally make your life partner,will neither keep us in black and white...rest ...up to you..as long as you are happy and living ,that's what matters to us the most (except that Gay/lesbian concept -case TOTALLY dismissed & closed!)...You see my darling,you'll not always have your way,we will discipline you when required,scold you ,before anyone else does-- to bring the best out of you,to make you a better human being ....Yes,still,your best-est friend are always at home...I can hear you humming already ,"ishq vishq pyaar vyaar..."

The things or all those toys/gadgets dad bought exclusively for you ,no matter how much it costs,always value it .Value the thought ,value the money behind that ...No, that money plant didn't produce money literally,your dad's hard work did ..appreciate and never underestimate that...

Those things that are in trend ,don't follow them blindly .Take time to smell roses or plant one ,than being a social media addict ....Small things are precious ,they make the best memories ....

Rest do your thing you believe you are destined to ,without depending on others,always have a goal in life ,give it your best ,for you are blessed with all gifts and talents.You may ask for support if you should but then never completely rely on others,never over estimate or over expect from others ,never chase them(unless in sales/marketing),never seek anyone's approval ,don't compare with others or compete with them either,but compete with yourself to improvise yourself everyday. Ultimate inspiration is within !

Help others if you think you should ,don't pretend then or stomp them .Life is not a race .Remember your Dad's favorite movie,3 Idiot's dialogue ," Baccha Kabil Bano, Kabil... Kamyabi to  saal* jhak maar ke peeche bhagegi ".(Whoops I know I know..I told you not to use cuss words ever...but ..then to a certain extent it is ok and with the right people ..but hey that was a movie dialogue ) .So,my pearl ,be yourself..believe in yourself even if others don't, be your own motivation ,make your own path even if you have to walk all alone that road...to success.....I don't promise it'll be easy but if you keep going, it will be worth it someday...That taste of success is par different and the sweetest !

Having said that,never underestimate your health and family . I will remind you time and gain what Herophilus said ,"When health is absent, wisdom cannot reveal itself, art cannot manifest, strength cannot fight, wealth becomes useless, and intelligence cannot be applied." And family is everything . Learn it from your dad ; It wasn't easy to conceive you but it would have been very easy for your father to give up on mamma but he is the biggest cheerleader of your mamma .He takes care of his parents ,friends and others too.Proud of your dad !

Earn money,name,fame,goodwill as much you wish but always keep yourself grounded without underestimating the things money/fame etc can't buy !

Hmm...are you yawning already ? Come on ,it was a game remember ?...bring out your sportsman spirit my champ ...Be a good listener...Attaboy/girl !!

Ok ok,time up..this virtual game is over here...but my little precious one,your game of life starts now ...Life is not easy ,it is a roller coaster ride .....It's too much sometimes ,has its ups and downs .So,whenever you are in doubt or if you stumble or if we are far from you or you think it's too much of us to remind you always....Hope this letter will be something you cherish forever and get some solace or inspiration from ..without any noise .

May you always count your blessings more than your troubles ! 

I want you to by heart mamma's favorite quote by Anthony Robbins - "Live life fully while you're here. Experience everything. Take care of yourself and your friends. Have fun, be crazy, be weird. Go out and screw up! You're going to anyway, so you might as well enjoy the process. Take the opportunity to learn from your mistakes: find the cause of your problem and eliminate it. Don't try to be perfect; just be an excellent example of being human.”

You read all these patiently,I know ,you are amazing .Proud of you ! You are going to be so worth our wait and the sweetest fruit and best part of our fertility battle,God's best blessing;answer to( ambadi's) grandpaa's prayers,grandmaa's exclusive fasts and pujas in so many temples and all our near and dear one's sincere prayers and wishes !

We love you a lot and we will always be there for you,
When the rain starts to pour,we'll be there for you
Like we've been there before,we'll be there for you
'Cause you're there for us toooo.....(Your mamma and Dad's fave sitcom "F-R-I-E-N-D-S" theme song.)

Keep smiling always .God bless !

Lots of love,kisses,hugs,

Mamma & Dad

P.S.:This post is a part of Write Over the Weekend, an initiative for Indian Bloggers by BlogAdda. Though this is one of those posts which didn't really participate ...I loved the topic as always and I always wanted to write a letter to my unborn child ...and just for the love of writing .....