10 September 2015

Go green smoothie


I love those foods that can make my day break fast and smoothie-est and what's better than a smoothie .:) ...Whenever I drink a smoothie, I think not only my heart but the entire body pays a humble healthy gratitude to the person who came up this food-in-drink stuff called "Smoothies" .For me it is like ,turn any vegetables I don't like and the fruits I like into one or vice versa and just slurp it down at a go and I am done and recharged instantly .

Then, I am very happy that day ,it is like I just devoured that vegetable I hated and the one which used to challenge me ,"Dare to eat me,eh?" ....Then Smoothies = HA...HA...HA... !!

Not only that,they also are a blessing on those days when you are madly,crazily in love with your bed,bedsheet and pillow and you can't just stop cuddling them ...or the days that start crazy and makes you bit more crazy,lazy,hazy......

One more thing , it makes me feel as if I am not only promoting my health but also the environment by going GREEN..especially when I've my this super energetic smoothie made up green-ess I mean goodness of Spirulina ,Spinach and Banana.

This is also one of my way to use the ripe/over ripe Banana and also to make the smoothie sugarless or sugarfree in a healthy way.

Did you know that ?

  • Spirulina has more protein content than red meat,beta carotene than carrots,all essential amino acids,similar amount of calcium, phosphorus, and magnesium content as in milk, a vitamin E (tocopherol) level comparable to wheat germ, and four times as much vitamin B12 as raw liver!(Credit:Mercola.com)
  • Research studies show that taking spinach in any juice form is actually the healthiest way to consume it. (Credit:Care2.com)
  • The Harvard School of Public Health research shows that the nutrients in a ripe banana can make any diet, reduce your risk of many medical problems.It is full of dietary fiber.(Credit:healthyeating.com)

Well,I am sold ! How about you ?

So,this is how I make this tasty,creamy,energetic drink -my Go green smoothie :

Go Green smoothie|Spirulina Spinach Banana smoothie

Serves 1
Organic spinach leaves,cleaned  - 1 cup 
Organic Spirulina powder - 1 tablespoon 
Banana - 1 no. 
Ice cubes (optional)
Water as needed



Put everything in a blender and pulse it till becomes smooth ,creamy and drink-able consistency. Drink fresh ! and say Go green ...AAHA..




Did you know that Spirulina is a type of one-celled organism, technically a type of cyanobacteria

Does that make it a non-vegetarian drink ??? Will I become a Hulk ? Facebook smileys