29 October 2015

Cluster beans thoran Kerala style|Ammarakka thoran|Kothmara thoran recipe|Guvar/Guar recipe


Me:What do you call cluster beans in Malayalam?
My friend,A- You don't know the Malayalam name..? why ?
Me: Of course,I was brought up in North India,so ,you see I am not that fluent in Malayalam.
A (with rolling eyes) - Really ??? ...Ammarakka/Kothmara/Kothavarkka/Kottavara/cheeni amara/cheeni avarakka...
Me:Thank you...Amara ...(that day onwards I named her so, as she was as bitter as this beans )

When you add too much turmeric and oil...
 Well,there are some stereotypical mallus/malayalee who can't stand people like us with mother tongue, Malayalam but born and brought up in North India ,speaking not that fluently our native language like them .If we do and obviously, it won't be as eloquent as them ,it will naturally be broken Malayalam or Manglish(Malayalam+English),as they say (there can be exceptions though) .

It is, as if we do it knowingly,in fact I've seen Mallus raised in Kerala trying to do so deliberately, to sound "KEWL" and WE,we do it because even though we were suppose to talk in Malyalam at home strictly,our school was an English medium school and kids were from different states of India , prominently Hindi speaking ones.So,spending time with them and our not-just-malayalee community,our native language or the accent ,naturally became so - sound funny or fake-y .


Similarly,when you live abroad especially in US,UK etc ,your English may also become little stylo a.k.a different accent because of the influence of the surrounding or people we are interacting with and then there will be some Indians who will judge it as faking our English or trying-to-sound-cool or non-Indians as ,"no-one-can-understand-your-English".Sighhh !! ...I hate such stereotypes !! I don't understand why people are so quick to judge and impatient to understand others !! It is not even about being sympathetic ,but being empathetic at least...It doesn't make anyone cooler or smarter by pulling others down ...

I call them a cluster of trolls+bullies+Jerks++Insecure+Losers+B**** :P...pods of a pea err bean...........A bitter clustered bean indeed......


When they laugh at me in any way,I laugh at their poor upbringing ! I am quite immune to such people, ,most of the time I forgive,give them a second chance but not a third ...Well, "Accept no one's definition of your life but define yourself "..."People often throw rocks at things that shine." ;) ....

Whenever,I cook with cluster beans,it always reminds me of that lady and so many instances,she is so beautiful ,smiling from outside but that is how she is inside...Bitter !..May be I'll call her Aunty Bean,Mr.Bean's wife ...:P

Whoaaa...that was way too bitter ..I can't forget but I'll forgive ...anyways,let's always focus on the sweet side,the positives - for the starter,may be the positive or the health benefits of these beans....


  1. According to Spiceflair.com, the young and fresh beans are used for cooking purpose and the mature ones are used to make guar gums ,which are used a lot for commercial purposes ; in food and beverages,guar gums are used as a thickening agent,stabilizing,binding agent for like ice creams,puddings etc and in manufacturing, as a binding agent in making tablets,lotions,creams etc.
  2.  According to the healthsite.com,cluster beans are low in glycemic index and have glyconutrients,so they help in controlling sugar .So,quite good for diabetic people.
  • They are loaded with many vitamins and minerals like calcium,phosphorous,vitamin K,so good for bones and teeth.
  • They have high levels of folic acid and iron which are quite helpful for pregnant ladies and the fetus growing.
  • They are a good laxative and detoxifiers ,so they help in eliminating all toxins from the body and keeps the digestive system in tact.
  • They have hypoglycemic properties,that can sooth the nerves in the brain and thereby reduce the tension or any anxiety issues .
Hmmm..now it doesn't sound that bitter ! So,here is a very simple cluster beans recipe ,a Kerala style Ammarkka/kothamara thoran,a stir fry made with coconut .It can be served with boiled rice,any curry ,pickle etc...

So,the recipe and the method to make a cluster beans or ammarakka thoran is demonstrated in this quicky video.If you order I'll write the recipe here otherwise lazy lazy...

Those cluster of health benefits really inspired me to forgive all bitterness and see the sunny side ...to a healthy body and more stronger mind............what  say!

Eat,love,live DELICIOUSLY,