30 October 2015

Simple Indian Omelet recipe |How to make a fluffy omellete

"Sometimes things fall apart so that better things can fall together ." ~ Marlyn Monroe

EGG-xactly !! That is what I think whenever I make my quickest ,healthiest and yummiest breakfast - Simple and humble -" Omelette" . It is like a yummy base where your creativity can be unleashed ...make it any way,put anything in it or on it or with it,it just gets better and better .....

Do you know ,an egg contain only 70 calories ,filled with 13 essential vitamins and minerals and full of proteins,in fact,all the necessary amino acids needed by humans to build tissues .The egg yolk are one of the food that provides the natural Vitamin D.It is considered to be the second best nutrition to mother's milk.

Some fun facts :

  • In France, the bride is suppose to break an egg on the threshold of their new home before stepping in,  for good luck and healthy babies.(abcnews.com)
  • Howard Helmer made a Guiness World Record for making, 427 two-egg omelets in 30 minutes.
  • According to Wikipedia,the largest and heaviest  omelet was cooked by the Ferreira do Zêzere City Council in Santarém, Portugal that weighed 6,466 kilograms (14,255 lb), and required 145,000 eggs and a 10.3 meter diameter pan.


 Omelet was the first food item I ever made by myself .My dad says I make the best omelet :D..Dads are biased or may be all men in my family are :D...except mom :P...but when I made an omelet ,she didn't complain either ...

Egg is my favorite non-veg item because of its availability and the ease to cook it any way and make any dish real fast and have a healthy filling meal anytime.I can go out of any vegetables but not of eggs ...It is always in stock !


After my post graduation,when we moved to our native place in Kerala to settle down finally ,I remember throwing a HUGE tantrum like a kid to raise hens at home ,one of my biggest wish since childhood days ,as we have a large backyard with all those coconut trees,mango trees etc....I even wished to own cows :D but maa,paa settled with hens instead ..haha...We had 4 hens :)...I was always running behind them like a kid chasing butterfly ,covering them with large baskets so that they can lay eggs for me without any disturbance ,I used to eagerly look forward to..like a curious child...
They were good obedient hens ,one among them laid twin eggs always i.e. an egg with two yolks :)...It was a special kinda feeling to experience that,simple pleasure of life ...I was the one who ate all the eggs the most...Thank God my bro was working in Bangalore then :P....Mom used to make all the twin eggs omelet exclusively for me ...I was that crazy about egg !!

However,my happiness was short lived as all my hens died one by one ,I remember one dying in front of me..I cried like hell..yeah I did ,that's what happens when you get truly emotionally attached to any living being...since then we never ever had any pets at home ...RIP my hens !...I ate all your eggs ..Thanks for giving all nutrition...love..just for a few pellets of grains you ate everyday....I miss you..I do...It was one of a kind of experience,I'll never forget !

Anyways,here is my easy peasy eggs-cellent omelet recipe in the video .This is how I make a fluffy simple Indian Omelet ...

Enjoy the little things !