18 October 2015

How to make melt-in-the-mouth Gulab Jamuns at home


Summer season is gone (Sayonara !) :( ,fall + winter is here (Oh well,welcome!):( but hey, it is also a festival season in full swing.(Yayyy to that !!)

And what are festivals without sweets right ? Actually,sweets are what makes a festival more sweet I believe,something I always looked forward to since my childhood days .How mom used to make sweets for hours and how I used to finish them all in minutes .Thank God no one else in the family have a sweet tooth like me and they may not dare to . I can do anything for a sweet .DesiSmileys.com

Does it look good like this ?

These sweet things are also the reason why I was never ever slim trim in my life :D . But still, it  never demotivated me to stop eating them. Eat sweet ,be sweet.That's it ! DesiSmileys.com

I may not think twice if I've to buy sweets but I do think thrice before making one at home and then I realize ,damn,all those ghees,oils,sugar needed to make sweets are so scary ,filled with calories and then it is also damn time consuming to make them and if it's the first time, will it be worth it . Herculean task indeed !!

Or does it look good like this?
Those confusing ,lazy yet craving times ,ready-made mix of sweets do come handy.The one I love the most is the Gulab Jamun dry mix available at store ,especially, if I've guests at home and I've to make loads.But then I do remember, one of my guest at home who is a newlywed complaining ,"My gulab jamuns with the readymade mix never comes out like yours,it never properly cooks inside..yours is so melt-in-the-mouth,how do you do it ?".Well,I can totally relate to that--been there,done that ,when I tried to make them for the first time .So, even if it is the ready made mix which comes with the instructions to make them ,it isn't that easy as it looks ,there are some tips and tricks to make them right .

Gulab Jamun Readymade mix

Gulab Jamun,if you are not aware is a famous North Indian sweet ,like, dumplings dunked in sugary syrup.Absolutely irresistible to eat just one !! So,here is how I make melt-in-the-mouth Gulab Jamun at home using a ready-made mix .Ingredients will be already mentioned in the respective brand of gulab Jamun mix which is available in any Indian store .So,just follow the instructions at the back of the packet.          


          Ingredients and method to make Gulab Jamun

Please watch the video that will show you the ingredient list and all the tips and tricks to make perfect gulab jamuns at home.

Here are the other points to remember :
  • The dough should be lumpfree and balls should be crackfree.
  • Jamuns should be fried on low flame .To test if the oil is ready to fry,which is very important:-
  1. To test the right temperature of the oil/ghee/vanaspathi,put a small piece of the ball to it,it should slowly rise to the surface from the bottom of the pan.
  2. If the jamuns don't rise to the surface, then the oil/ghee needs to be heated more.Jamuns fried in under heated oil will lead to breakage.
  3. If the jamuns rise too fast to the surface and begin to change the color fast,then the temperature is too high and the heat needs to be lowered and allow it to cool a bit.Jamuns fried in hot oil will have their center uncooked and hard.
  4. While making the syrup ,it should be just thick and doesn't require to have any thread like consistency.
  5. Always allow the fried jamuns to soak well in the "warm" sugar syrup for 30 min - 1 hour before serving.If the sugar syrup is hot,the jamuns may break.
  6. For softer jamuns,warm them in the syrup for 2-3 minutes.
  7. I've used cardamom pods ,but you can use cardamom powder or rose syrup or saffron for flavoring.

Follow these tips and the method to make yummy Gulab Jamuns which tastes much better than the restaurant ones and you'll be like ,"Ye dil maangey more /bring it onnnn".And please don't eat alone and do share it with others
.............like me ;P...