21 October 2015

Apple monster|Quick Halloween snack|Trick or Treat?

They say ,"An apple a day,keeps doctor away!" .For sure ,as they are one super nutritious fruit with loads of antioxidants,multi-vitamins,dietary fibers which can aid in preventing heart disease,diabetes,hypertension,dementia,bad cholesterol,cancer especially breast cancer and what not.A miracle food it is known as!


Now you'll be like DesiSmileys.com...Here, she goes with another lecture :-\...I lovvvee to eat your brain :D.


Well,if I wouldn't have highlighted those apple's benefits and reminded you again ,I wonder if you will ever try my "Apple MONSTERS". You see...I mean look at those cute innocent pearly Apples..How irresistible!!  ...DesiSmileys.com


I don't know if you ever noticed it but during Halloween nights they do turn into monsters  ...and this is exactly how they look like ...:P. Alright before you start saying #$$%^&*@#...this is one of my old post rotting in my "draft" section since years of Halloween,totally forgotten and scaring me every now and then to post it.

So,here you go, my quick Halloween snack for the upcoming "Halloween",introducing -"The Apple monsters".....Kids are gonna love it I guess..they can easily and quickly make and this time ..they may in fact,find it quite brave enough to eat those monsters , destroy the devil and become superheros thereby ..well that's my plan for sure...one day I'll be making them exclusively for my kiddos on a Halloween eve..So, before I forget ,it's also good to jot it down here beforehand ..

Apple monsters


Organic Apple - 3 nos.
Candy corns - As needed
Mint candy - 2-6 nos.
Chocolate covered raisins - 2-6 nos
Pumpkin shaped chocolates
Pom Juice for decoration


  • Clean the Apple properly .
  • Once dry, cut a wide slice from the middle to make it look like Apple M's mouth.
  • Put two candy corns as two vampire teeth at both the end and broken ones in the middle.Use gum paste to glue them properly or just insert it into the apple flesh hardly but gently .
  • Put the mint candies as two horns and chocolate covered raisins as eyes .Glue them with edible gum paste.
  • Splash some juice and decorate further with pumpkin shaped chocolates.
  • There you go,you just made those poor cute apples into monsters.:P
When I asked my hubby how does this Apple look like ,he was DesiSmileys.com.That meant "Mission accomplished" :D meaning indeed an Halloween snack I believe.Well,what do you think ?? Trick or treat ???

It's certainly not  apple of  anyone's eye I believe.Is it ? :D