04 October 2015

How to soften Horlicks/Bournvita/Boost when they become dry hard

Horlicks dilemma !

When Sachin Tendulkar said,"Boost is the secret of my energy" and Shahid Kapoor's advertisement "I am a complan boy/girl" ,were a few catchy jingles ,that indeed made me believe, right from my childhood days,that those healthy drinks like Bournvita,Boost,Complan,Horlicks especially, would for sure make me more smart ,healthy and sharp , than, my amma shouting "Eat your vegetables","Drink milk /Horlicks"  etc .

Horlicks or Bournvita were my favorite go-to drink back then and I hated the Complan's smell and  taste.During exams, I drank it for sure ,thinking,this would do some kinda magic and make my brain more sharper and help me to complete the chapters for the exams faster and exams for that matter and score higher..Damn that rhymes !...But Alas ! May be I drank less ....Outcome differed !

As I grew up,more than the advertisement's claims to be how excellent their product was,my health made me pretty health conscious and I became the avid supervisor of the nutritional info labels at the back/top/bottom of any product and my darlo Google guided me further whether to buy the product or not.

What I realized is that all these health drinks are mere drinkable health supplements .It has vital vitamins and minerals in it but is not a complete substitute to a total balanced diet whatsoever.They are mostly loaded with sugar which if I drink everyday, I will not be surprised if I become a diabetic eventually or even if they have a sugar substitute ,I am not sure if it is a good natural one .

So,whenever I buy such health drinks now,I read labels,scrutinize them and once I am convinced then only I buy them ,but then,just taking them doesn't ensure good health,taking them with the right balanced diet filled with vegetables,fruits,nuts,water etc is a must and also the right amount of exercise should not be under estimated because ,for me, whenever I've jugged such drinks regularly , I've only gained weight .Now,I take them especially when I am not at all well and as a health booster ,a complement drink,with a good diet regimen .

I love the taste of Horlicks the most, as I think it has a sentiment element attached to it .My nostalgic childhood fun filled days !

Long time ago,one of my blog reader asked me "How to soften the Horlicks when it becomes hard ?".At that time I didn't have Horlicks and so couldn't give her the right solution.Later when I purchased one ,to my surprise,after a while my Horlicks did turn hard,got solidified and that reminded me my reader's  question/problem . Since I also try my best to not waste any foods as much as possible ,as long as it is safe.I gave it a try.

It was really hard to break the lumps and make it powdery again.I, in fact ,thought of the person I hated the most,I vented my anger on to this Horlick's dry lump -sometimes I stabbed it with a knife,sometime I tried to smash it with a mortar-pestle or hit it with a belan/rolling pin..You name it,I did it !...It challenged me how cruel I was...but I am not..so I failed every time!

So,here is a video that shows how I solved the problem my way i.e. what "I" did to soften a Horlicks(same can be used to soften Bournvita/coffee powder/even milk powder likewise ) gone hard and make it drinkable again .

By the way,the main reason they become hard is because of moisture .

How to prevent Horlicks,coffee powder etc from going hard ?
  • Keep it an airtight and moisture free .
  • Always keep it in a dry place.
  • Always use a completely dry spoon to scoop it out to consume/use.
And when my Horlicks or Bournvita became hard,this is what I did to troubleshoot and gulp it down again:

Disclaimer: I had only little solid lump Horlicks left in my Horlicks bottle so I used milk and water method to extract it like shown in the video. Let's say it is good to use for at least one time for sure ,rest YOU should be very careful .

After using milk in extracting the Horlicks,you can either put it in freezer and then do the same later .(I believe ..I may be wrong...When you keep it in freezer,it may prevent any mold forming ?)
or you can put hot water into Horlicks and extract the Horlicks multiple times at once and store it in another bottle and refrigerate it and use it.

HOWEVER,in any case, especially,if you are storing it in refrigerator (even freezer for that matter),do check that no molds/fungus have formed in Horlicks for sure ,to be safe,in which case you should THROW it.

If you have lots of solid horlicks in your bottle ,you should just throw it.

Be careful and Take care.

P.S.:.I made this video to show the reader who requested the solution, how it worked for me,as saying won't justify it,showing would ! And not for getting likes/views etc (so I disabled likes in the video !) ,it is pure common sense and regarding safety also (Pls read the disclaimer abv) ,moreover, nothing is safe, if one doesn't use their common sense ,so be careful and I reassure you ,if you check my blog,my intention is to make healthy food good for my family AND YOURS..I don't do anything at the expense of other's health or anything - That's not me - Believe me or not !

Take Care,