05 October 2015

WOW Topic – ‘Newspaper Column’

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Nutan was sobbing,holding onto the intricate laces of the pink halter dress she bought for her younger daughter,Neha for her upcoming 16th birthday celebration.Though she planned it to be a grand celebration just like Neha wished for,she was wondering if that was gonna happen .It's been two days,Neha was missing since the school excursion and so was her alleged boyfriend,Ajay.
Neha's dad,Mr.Hemant Oberoi , a businessman was in and out of the police station to find out if police got any clue as to where their daughter was,and some kind of assurance that she was still safe and alive somewhere. Police were doing their best questioning Neha's friends,driver of the bus that went for the excursion and everyone related to her ,for that matter.
It was Neha's best friend, Sheetal ,who told police that she last saw Neha talking to the guy named Ajay, whom Neha introduced to her once as, Neha's boyfriend she befriended in Facebook. 
Neha's friends distributed posters everywhere.
Neha's younger brother,Neil suggested to start a page to find Neha in Facebook .
Are you not done with Facebook yet ?”,said Neha's grandfather in a concerned tone,”I always told you all not to encourage Neha to be so active in Facebook and befriending everyone who sends her a friend request . Look what happened, she is missing with her boy friend she made from Facebook.(Sighs!) May God be with her and keep her safe wherever she is.I miss her calling me daadu”
Baba,Neha is grown up she says,she hardly listens to us anymore.”,replied Nutan to her father-in-law .
Daadu,it doesn't always happen or happen with everyone but you see nowadays,everyone are in social media , and they can be helpful as well.You'll see that,once I make the “Search for my sister,Neha” page in Facebook, we'll get our Neha back soon. So many cases like this and more were solved all because of this social media.”,argued Neil .
Let us put it in a Newspaper then.” suggested,Neha's grandfather,Mr.Jayanth Oberoi.
Daadu, are you kidding me,no one reads newspaper nowadays other than you or people from your generation. In this era,everything is available online and everything works through internet.”, again argued Neil.
That's true Baba. In today's sophisticated busy world, internet rules, and everything is accessible even through a mobile phone ,so who has got time to even look at the newspaper anymore. I agree with Neil,it's not a good idea.”emphasized Nutan .
This is the problem with you all ,your mindset has become so modern that you under estimate the past/old.”,replied Neha's grandfather in a sad tone.
If at all, Nutan was not so busy with updating status and pictures in Facebook or whatsapp-ing ,than paying attention on her daughter...” said Neha's dad in an angry tone.
Right.I should hear this! After all,I am suppose to work every night as a nurse in the hospital and financially support your business and our family ,then if I am active in Facebook for a few minutes a day,that becomes a big deal. I am a bad mother now. All happened because of me !,”replied Nutan angrily.
Truth is ,her dad is so busy with his work that he is always out of the city and hardly has any time for his family. He would compensate his absence by pampering his kids with all those costly gadgets or pocket money.You are equally responsible Hemanth ! “
Calm down everyone.We all are quite disturbed ,let us just concentrate on what we all can do to find our little girl as soon as possible than blaming each other.” said Neha's grandpaain a mellow tone
After two days...
Mom,good news ! I just got a message from a guy ,Ratan,he said his uncle in the city ,saw Neha and Ajay in a shop.”replied Neil with excitement.
“Ohh..Thank God!Let's inform your dad,your daadu and call the police ,”replied Nutan with tears.
Police and the entire family goes to the informer,Ratan's home and from there ,they all went together to his uncle,Shankar's house. His uncle directed them to the shop.
To everyone's relief they found Neha and Ajay eating lunch in the small shop.
Neha saw her family .She came running towards her mother and hugged her tight.
Neha,where did you go darling ?Are you all right ?Who is that guy ? Did that guy hurt you ? Why didn't you call us ? We all were so worried for you”questioned Nutan in a worried tone
Mom,I am fine.He is Ajay,the guy I met in Facebook .He followed me to the excursion and said he would like to introduce me to his parents living near by in the village and that we will be back soon.I was staying with his sister till now.He didn't hurt me or touch me . He said he loved me a lot but ..I don't think so ..he took my iPhone ,watch and sold it for cash ,saying he didn't have money to drop me back home. So,I couldn't call you .I am sorry mom.I missed you a lot”,replied Neha with tears...
He is a rogue,a total jerk. His real name is Prem bhatnagar .His job is to make all these fake profiles,then he puts all his Photoshopped dapper pictures in his Facebook page,sends friend request to girls ,befriends them,chats with them,makes them fall in love with him,lures them and loots them eventually, “said the police, holding Prem's shirt's collar.
Take him into the jeep.We were searching for this moron since long.”ordered police to his team.
Thanks a lot sir.We appreciate it so much.” said the entire family to the police.
Actually you should thank this guy,Ratan and his uncle,Shankar, who helped us to trace them successfully and most importantly ,to your father ,Mr.Jayanth Oberoi sir ,who was behind the newspaper's column for the missing person ,Neha ,which Mr.Shankar read in the newspaper and he recalled his recent conversation with Ratan regarding this girl missing and so he informed his nephew .Ratan was actively following the updates in the Facebook and so when he got this information from his uncle,he messaged the admin of the facebook page,Neil . And as you know now,rest is history.” said police with a grin .
Yipee...Told you daadu, social media works for better too,we got our Neha back..and you are also right daadu,old is also gold,”winked Neil
And all that glitters is not gold,as you always said,daadu.”said Neha in an embarrassing tone...
Grandpaa smiles big and hugs all.

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