27 November 2015

Nadan Chicken Roast recipe |Chicken Roast Kerala style|Pan fried Chicken roast


 "There is always,Always,ALWAYS something to be thankful for ." ~ Unknown

That is exactly my life's mantra !! That is exactly my simple prayer to Almighty is !! That is exactly what I remind myself whenever I encounter people or any circumstances that challenge me !! That is exactly no matter where I am in life or what I am,I remind myself of !! That is exactly how I celebrate Thanksgiving silently everyday of my God's gift to me ,this human life !!

And I love it ,when you have a day exclusively dedicated to emphasize it and celebrate it ,"The Thanksgiving !!" .Yep,in US and Canada,it is the pious month of Thanksgiving !  Though it was yesterday,I feel like this whole month is dedicated for the same.


We are living in such a fast world,super fast life that we often knowingly,unknowingly take it for granted, that ,I believe,it is good to have such a day that reminds us to have an attitude of gratitude ,to count our blessings more,life is not perfect ,it wasn't even to the Gods on Earth,that we are imperfectly perfect ,there is already a super power in "I" and  "YOU" ,that the little things in life or little ways can make a big difference in our's and someone's life , and just to be alive,live well and make the most of it ...just be thankful !


I am thankful ,to my parents for giving  me this life to experience..

I am thankful to my parents for teaching me to be tolerant of all religion,multi-faceted people
,unfavorable circumstances and giving everything another chance...

I am thankful to my parents to remind me when I forget ,to breathe,to swallow,forgive and forget ..

I am thankful to my parents to keep me grounded,humble,compassionate towards others...

I am thankful to my parents for teaching me to never under estimate myself and others ...

I am thankful to my parents for teaching me ,there is a supreme power watching over us,in front of him you have to kneel down,you are answerable and accountable to your deeds ..

I am thankful to my life partner for his unconditional love ,immense patience and accepting me for the imperfect person I am,for staying by my side through thick and thins...

I am thankful to all those people who directly,indirectly help me,make my life worth(be it a family,friend,a soldier,a scientist,a doctor etc) ,you are my guardian angel from heaven on Earth,also to those who don't ,for proving what kind of person you are and you just made me more stronger ,self-reliable and more wiser ... and my life unpolluted ..without you..

I am thankful for all mistakes and failures,they are my biggest teachers

I am thankful for all good days,reminds me God is kind and for bad days,that reminds me to anticipate,appreciate good days more and keeps my true faith on Lord in check...

I am thankful for each and everyone and everything I have , and trust God blindly for what I need more ..

I am thankful for my life,for every breath I take,for every right decision and action that makes me and others happy..


However,it may be a thanksgiving for human beings but when it comes to animal kingdom it may not be ...because the main food item that gives a zing to the thanksgiving is nothing but a Turkey .

Did you know ?

45 million turkeys (approx) are killed each year for Thanksgiving alone.:(... It is hard to digest that but may be that's a Turkey's role in the food chain perhaps ...Grateful to them too,I say !!

Anyways, me and my better half are a fan of a living turkey more than a dead one.However,when it comes to chicken ,we are a fan of them irrespectively :P...

So,this Thanksgiving we celebrated it with a spicy yummy chicken roast Kerala style,Naadan chicken roast ..It is a very basic chicken roast recipe yet my best chicken roast recipe ...Very easy to make and very difficult to stop licking fingers and plates ....(That day my stomach growls more and my fingers love getting messy and I don't have to wash my plates :P )

So,this is how I make chicken roast Indian Kerala style in a pan.Pls watch my quick video which has the recipe and shows you the method to do it...

For each new morning with its light,
For rest and shelter of the night,
For health and food,
For love ,true family & friends,
For everything Thy goodness sends.
Father in heaven,We thank thee
. ~ Ralph Waldo Emerson

Thanks to all who follow this little blog .....