03 December 2015

Parval Aloo Bhujia|Parwal ki sukhi sabji Bihari style|Pointed Gourd recipe

"Parwal or Parval" is the Hindi word for a Pointed Gourd .Whenever I come across this vegetable especially in Indian stores ,which is very rare,I am by default in a trance ,whirling back into my childhood days and I can smell the potol sabji made by my neighbour next door to the left, my dearest ,sweetest ,Late Bengali aunty (RIP!) ,an exceptional cook and another parwal sabji/bhujia by my neighbour next door to the right ,UP wali aunty (who would address my mother as Manoj (my Big bro) ki maa/Mother of Manoj,and it would piss me off a lot  :P).However,UP aunty's recipes were just fingerlicking and made me the  hardcore fan of Bihari cuisine and that definitely gave me the suffice reason to forgive her for not calling my momma ,Manju ki maa ...huhh...;P


Did you know ?
  • Pointed Gourd is also known as green potato in India . :O
  • Pointed Gourd is filled with essential nutrients and are really good for gastrointestinal problems and liver detoxification.
  • They are good for weight loss,blood purifier,good for skin-hair and fights with aging factor . (I LOVE YOU ..Parval!)
  • They are awesome for diabetes and cholesterol control as well .(Aweeeesome!)
Pointed Gourd ,I believe is the smallest gourd from the Gourd family but its botanical name is definitely long ,"Trichosanthes dioica" ..(I had no idea ,the pet name I gave for this vegetable was actually its scientific name :P)...I've never seen this vegetable in Kerala as far as I remember but I think in Malayalam it is called "Patolam" and in Tamil ,"Kambupudalai",in Telugu,"Kommu Potla / Chedu Potla",in Marathi ,Gujarati,Paraval,"parora" in Bhojpuri, Urdu, and Awadhi,thonde kayi in Kannada,Potol in Bengali or Odia....


In fact ,I can't imagine a recipe with pointed Gourd Kerala style ,it better ought to be in North Indian - Bihari or Bengali style ,especially for me.I think my mom used to make a Parval bhujia which was like a fusion of Bihari+Bengali style under the influence of our neighbour aunties,her besties and MAN,it would become from finger licking to plate licking...

SO,here is a very simple yet tasty Bihari style Parval aloo bhujia (stir fry) or say Bengali style Parval ki sabji with aloo aka potato...Very easy to make and it goes awesome with puri/poodi or just roti/chapathi ..I can eat it just like that...

So,pls watch my quickie video that will show how to make a parwal sookhi sabji or Parwal aloo bhujia and the recipe is included in it.

So,proud to have a childhood influenced by multi culture and regions of India .I believe I've a little bit of every state in me...I am a proud Bihariya just as I am a proud Mallu ....Again and again,Thanks to my lovely parents for giving me such a simple,humble yet colorful childhood memories......If I would get a time machine I would like to relive it again..and again and agaiiiiiiin...............Atleast food will always be there to rekindle and reminisce those bygone days....

I miss You,Bokaro