20 December 2015

How I made a cake on a pan on stovetop without oven |Chocolate cake recipe


This is my invariable advice to people: Learn how to cook- try new recipes, learn from your mistakes, be fearless, and above all have fun!” ― Julia Child

That's exactly why I simply adore her and I wish I was Julia Child's child :P..Anyways,I do see a version of her in my mother (don't worry mom) and both are definitely my cooking idols. All her quotes gives me inspiration to cook more FEARLESSLY yet have fun...  

Well,it is the most beautiful season around - the only reason I tolerate winter --because it is Christmas !!

Happy people,smiling faces,glittering houses and stores,jingles everywhere,all wishing and praising the lord,Christmas tree standing tall ,glamed and proud everywhere , gifts wrapped for everyone,waiting for Santa's arrival from North Pole followed by his reindeer ,elves and the fairy tale begins - the season of red,green and white ...and almost every kitchen is busy cooking /baking edible goodies ....mmm..Xmas is in the air !

So,this Christmas,I already started baking .....Just like how I baked a moist yellow cake on a pizza pan on stove top last year,this year I dared to bake fearlessly on the pan itself ...I had an old,worn out pan sitting there like gloomy and useless and since I believe more in recycling stuffs as much as possible (in a healthy proper way of course)-from useless to useful ...So,I baked a moist chocolate cake without an oven right on the stove top in a pan.

Well,seeing is believing ! So,kindly watch my video which has the moist chocolate cake recipe in it and will show how I baked a cake without oven on stove top ,decorated it with my edible Christmas icing....
May your home be warm,your holidays grand,and may your heart be held gently in the lord's hands.Happy Christmas my friends!! 

If variety is the spice of life, then my life must be one of the spiciest you ever heard of. A curry of a life. -Paul Child” ― Julia Child, My Life in France 

Happy B'day to Lord Jesus!!

Merry Xmas amigos!!