04 January 2016

Raspberry Jam recipe|How to sterilize a bottle properly


 Happy New Year to all my precious readers !! Well,for me every day is a happy one ,every new year to be more ..And it is not because my life is perfect,it is because I see good in everything and I am grateful to almighty for it could have been worse and it is for someone somewhere...So,don't worry,be happy is my life's ultimate funda ..Hope yours will be too !!

Now speaking about Happiness - As someone has clearly put it,"Happiness is like a Jam,you can't spread even a little without getting some on yourself ." So,now you know ,why I was preaching you about being happy ...A sweet message hidden inside or say a sweet tarty message inside out !!


Well, today I am gonna share with you all how to make a very simple yet finger licking Jam at home which tastes and looks nothing less than a store bought one ...So,I am going to use Raspberry for making this Jam .The reason why I chose Raspberries,you can find it out from my video below where I'll demo the proper technique to make a Jam with thick spreadable consistency.This Jam gets thicker and thicker ,the more it sits or stored properly.

Not only that,I am also gonna show you how to properly sterilize a bottle for storing Jams,pickles etc as well .Because after making a Jam ,for its long shelf life,it is very important that you store not only in an airtight container but also in a sterilized one.


You only need a very few easily available ingredients and as you know,unlike the store bought ones,they don't have any artificial preservatives,pectins or any other artificial flavors etc in it .So, stop buying those store made Jams and make homemade Jams instead.There is only one drawback--it'll finish very soon !!:|

So,please watch my video that shows how to make a Raspberry Jam at home,the Jam recipe is included in the video itself.So,not going to repeat it again here unless someone requests to.Then as you know, your order is definitely my command !

To make a Jam -

 To sterilize a bottle/canning Jar - 

Hope you'll try it.May you sterilize your life (you know what I mean :D->) to keep all types of negativities away and may your life be as sweet as this Jam and may you spread this Jam on a bread as you would spread happiness everywhere...

Happy dust on you,