05 December 2015

Two ways to make a Banana stem recipe -Vazha Pindi thoran|Vazhaithandu poriyal


Did you know that a Banana stem is actually not a stem ? According to Specialityproduce.com, A Banana stem is actually a flower stalk of the Banana plant ; The thick stalk grows up from the ground and becomes the backbone of the Banana plant .(Man,like I mentioned in one of my previous post -the Banana blossom/Vazha koombu recipe  ..looks like Banana tree has a complete identity crisis going on inside-out ! :P...) .Thanks Banana tree for making me realize how weak my G.K. is :| and how valuable you are !!


My mom is a big fan of these stems especially.Every single time she comes across this stems errr flower stalks (even if it is a phone conversation) ,her dialogue will be ,"Nallada,nallada,vaiittinnu nallada." meaning "They are really good..especially for your stomach .."

Amma darling is absolutely right it seems because these stems are made up of small fiber compartments .Once you try to chop it ,you will feel like a Dushassana from Mahabharata doing a cheer/vastra-haran of Draupadi (No pun intended !) - undraping/unwrapping its outer layer and its thready fibers from the Banana stem pieces forever .....

And as amma said,they are indeed good for stomach ,like she would always emphasize,they are the best detoxifier available in the nature .Because of their fiber texture ,the health benefits of a Banana stem are quite remarkable.


  • According to Ayurveda,Banana stems are diuretic in nature,so it can help in passing or dissolving Kidney stones-even lots of scientific research/studies have proved it .
  • Banana stems also act as laxative so good for curing constipation.
  • They are also good antacids and good for curing ulcers.
  • Just like the Banana,they are loaded with Potassium and Vitamin B6 ,which keeps Blood Pressure in check and also helps in producing Hemoglobin and insulin.
  • They are best for weight loss especially as a natural drink.
When it comes to making a recipe ,it can come out as little tricky especially,if it's your first time as they are made up thready fibers,and one has to remove them to get to the actual edible parts of the Banana stem. Banana stem recipes are mainly popular in South Indian cuisine ,like vazhaithandu kootu ,vazhaithandu usli,vazahaithandu porial in Tamil Nadu and Thor chapper,in West Bengal.Similarly,in Kerala,we make Vazhapindi thoran or Vazhapindi curry .or Vazha thandu thoran...

So,I've two ways of making a Banana stem recipe with lentils ,coconut and mild spices ...So,pls watch my videos that'll show you how to peel a Banana stem properly and how to make a Banana Stem recipe Kerala style aka VazhaPindi Thoran ...(The Vazha Pindi thoran recipe and method is in the video itself ..)

  1.Vazha Pindi Cherupayar Thoran 


    2.Vazha Pindi Navdhan thoran


It is amazing how simple yet tasty they are when cooked ; Just as amazing as its identity -  Simple,earthy,Wonder FULL !!

Again,bowing my head ,holding my hands -

Banana Tree namaha !