10 February 2016

How To- make Ginger garlic paste at home|How to preserve Ginger garlic paste for longer


This is the story of two cousins,who are pungent by nature,live underground ,are known as natural healers -wonder herbs with loads of medicinal properties ,the yin and yang in the world of gastronomy , with the same initials in name -Ladies and Gentlemen ! - Give a bow to - "Ginger and Garlic !!

As they say,"Truth is bitter"..so are they -The ginger and garlic ! Though these herbs are pungent in nature ,they are a powerhouse of therapeutic properties and health benefits by themselves and when added while cooking,they become the yin and yang of the dishes and needless to say,not only the dishes become quite aromatic and tasty ,but also ,together,they help to keep the body healthy alongside.


By the way,Did you know...I DIDN'T ! Says No This Cute Monkey
  • Ginger and Garlic are considered to be all-in-one natural tonic for good health ; both are anti-bacterial,anti-fungal,anti-septic,anti-viral,anti-clotting,anti-inflammatory,antioxidants ..basically, they are anti all the villains that can make a human body unhealthy.My salute to the heros !Naughty Salute
  • During olden times especially,Garlic was believed to keep all evil spirits/vampires at bay.In middle ages,people consumed whole garlic bulb to ward off the Black death.(Credit:this-is-france.com)OH my , wish people would have used Garlic more,there wouldn't have been any creepy Halloween day  ...I am gonna grow garlic for sure !!Nodding Yes by a Very Happy
  • The fear of Garlic is called ,"Alliumphobia". Well ,better than all evils around I say !
  • In ancient Greece,brides carried garlic and herbs instead of flowers during their wedding.(Credit:this-is-france.com) . OMG,like a remainder,hope you know cooking lady ! Ha!
  • The Egyptian labors who built the Pyramids ,consumed bread,garlic and water for stamina .(Credit:this-is-france.com)...I would have better preferred to be a mummy rather:-\
  • Now,cousin ,Ginger's turn - Ginger is not a root ,technically,it is a rhizome i.e. an underground stem that grows out into roots and shoots ...(Credit:disabled-world.com)....My G.K. and IQ improved !!
  • Ginger is believed to be a plant directly from the Garden of Eden !... Ginger also has aphrodisiac properties..so no wonder...Ahem ahem ,wink wink to Eve and ADAM!!Happy wink (Why am I Blushing:|).
  • According to a study conducted at University of Michigan comprehensive Cancer center,Ginger is powerful to treat Ovarian cancers ; Ginger powder when induced to malignant cells,got destroyed.(Credit:SharedAyurveda.com) .. 
    (*Clap clap*)
  • Another study at Minnesota University found that Ginger may slow the growth of Colorectal cancer cells .(Credit:SharedAyurveda.com) (Again-*Clap clap*)
  • Ginger can reduce migraine as well as menstrual cramps. (Again and again*Clap clap*)
  • Ginger and garlic are both immunity boosters. (*still clapping*)
  • Ginger and Garlic both helps in lowering blood pressure,cholesterol and even blood sugar when taken in moderate quantity. (Bye bye doctors !!)

Whoaaa....that was enlighteneing !! In India,we use Ginger Garlic so much in our cooking that people make a paste of it and store it in their fridge for ease ..BTW,as perfectionist my momma is,she never stored ! Instead ,she used the fresh ginger garlic paste every time ,as of course, nothing can beat that freshness and aroma !!

However,lazy me ,is just opposite, I was jumping with joy when I saw bottles of ginger garlic paste in store ...but then I was disappointed, how it would spoil the complete taste of my recipes, which initially,I was also struggling with ....As the store bought ginger garlic paste has additional preservatives in it ,that not only reduces the goodness but also the taste of the ginger garlic paste...


 So,well,I started making my own homemade Ginger Garlic paste according to my mom's guidelines.My mom's way of making it for storing and preserving the taste and the texture of Ginger garlic paste at home is tad different I believe .

She claimed that,I believed her and she was so right ! So,please watch my video that will show you how to make ginger Garlic paste at home and how to store them properly and preserve them for longer and not only that if you follow the method shown in the video you will find it as a time saver while cooking with ginger garlic paste..How ?? Well, the secret recipe and the method is in my super quick video . 

There is no doubt ,it is a boon for people who love to cook to have ready made and homemade ginger garlic paste in their pantry - No pounding,no grinding anymore (every time)!! All set ...for good...food....

Eat,love,live DELICIOUSLY,