04 February 2016

Be the change - Donate your hair-I did !!!

Me and my 4 pony errrr rat/cat tails...

Giving is not about making a donation.It is about making a difference.~ Kathy Calvin
I am more of a resolution breaker than a resolution maker .In fact,I make resolutions from month to month ,alternatively ,breaking them in between.However,I realized that when I make a resolution  that impacts others ,I try my best to keep it -well,I am a God-pleaser.So,last year my Project Care Card came into existence,all about giving a homeless person a gift card of $10-$15 instead of cash directly, so that they won't put it for any wrong use and may help them to buy a meal for the day at least. Sometimes we even give cash if they are old,a lady, or a handicap ,it is really painful to see them like that. Though I often wonder if they do use the gift cards ...Hope so !..I'm thinking of other ways...Any ideas??

My doter's first hair donation..SO proud of her !:)....We did it ! #ForMyKids 

Anyways,this year ,last week,I donated my hair to wigs for kids organization,that deals with making wigs for kids inflicted with cancer or other deadly diseases and lose hair in the process...It took almost 2 years for me to grow my hair and I was growing it for dual purpose ; First thing I wanted to donate my hair and second, my better 1/2 loves long hair ; he thinks a woman's real beauty lies in her long luscious hair -"Ye reshmi zulfein"....is his fave song after all...How hai-r-omantic !! He wo'nt even allow me to cut my hair for that matter ,but for this good cause he humbly agreed ....I loved the look on his face, like a sulking puppy....That was fun!...hehaaa...

I bet your kid can draw better cartoon than this...

I myself was fighting hair loss for long because of some health issues.The carpet at my home had more hair than hair on my head.The vacuum-cleaner/broom hated me for that! The trash can's fave dialogue would be,"Not again!". Even my bathroom drain would struggle to strain it and get clogged with all my hair and I wished ,why the hell are scientist not inventing a miracle glue that can stick back my hair somehow.....I even thought the hair on my arms and legs will eventually make it up for the donation...Oh my !!

Abstract cartoons-New avatars !!

My hubby used to daily see a new version of me-sometimes my hair sunk in oil,some days covered with stingy vegetable hair pack,other days ,as if Hen directly laid eggs on my head with a bang ,or as if I was covered in cow dung ,though I swore to him,it was Henna....special vitamins for my hair that I wonder if it ever worked..well that tasted sweet though....

My neighbor envied my long hair but the thin pony tail was a great relief to her somehow...My hubby waited forever whenever we planned to go out,as I would be busy wrestling with my hair...Ask me ,I've watched all the long hair tutorials in Youtube but whenever I tried them it became something else...that's a story totally different...will bheja fry you laters...

The process from Pantene's

Anyways,long dragging story short,all my struggles paid off eventually and though I planned to donate only 8 inch of hair and I called every salon to check if they participated in hair donation program but to no avail.However,I decided to cut it off from my near by salon and to my utter surprise they participated in such programs and YES,my biggest wish came true  ...I donated my hair FINALLY !! I hope and pray my hair was strong enough to withstand the process of wig making and hopefully it will make a kid's day one day (Touch-edWood!)...That will be mission accomplished for me !! (Fingers crossed yet praying !!)...Pls say AMEN!

Why the heck I am telling you all these ?

I wanna brain wash you :D -well,the reason why I am writing it in my blog is not to tell what a great work I did,in fact,this is my way of creating and spreading awareness for hair donation. According to wigsforkids.org,it takes about 20-30 pony tails/braids to make one hair replacement .So,more the merrier and this is something I will try forever as long as possible,provided my hair doesn't become as stubborn as me...

So,if you or anyone from your family/friend have long hair (minimum hair length expected is I believe - 8 inch and max has no limit),please consider donating your hair. Good thing about hair donation is,you will get a new style to flaunt and it will grow back anyways and more importantly,you made a big difference in someone's life.You made a kid/or an adult-in-need smile !
Why you should consider hair donation?

Imagine a child battling a deadly disease/burns/accidents etc and undergoing unbearable treatment ,stuck in an unpleasant hospital room ,surrounded by nurses ready to stick and doctors all set with new prognosis and diagnosis and top of all,tackling the unavoidable side effects alongside, to just get better ,go back home and lead their normal life again...

What goes inside may be hidden but what goes outside becomes more prominent like hair loss etc ...Any change in the outer appearance would hamper their self-image and self-esteem,increasing the emotional toll on them and their family therefore...And if we can do anything to ease their pains directly or indirectly,wouldn't that be great?..Worth this human life ,God gifted us I believe!!

The organizations listed below make wigs/hair replacements that are custom made to fit a recipient and feels just like the real hair and it stays in place always unlike the artificial wigs that has the possibility to irritate and burn the fragile scalp of a patient in need.... and to make one hair replacement, about 20-30 pony tails of human hair are needed and it costs around $1800 in manufacturing which is then given free of cost to them..

Hope next time you won't allow your or your kid's long hair to go waste on any barber shop's/salon's floor-to-trash-can and make the best use of it and consider hair donation..Together we can make a huge difference......So,if you are with me...I would like to suggest a few places to do hair donation (in U.S) and if you click the below links you will get a better idea and how to donate your hair and do follow their respective requirements to be accepted for good...

Where to donate your hair ?
  1. WigsForKids.org
  2. Pantene Beautiful Lengths
  3. Childrenwithhairloss.us
  4. LocksOfLove.org
  5. ChildhoodLeukemiaFoundation
  6. St.Baldrick'sFoundation 
  7. LittlePrincesses.org.uk (They accept hair from in and out U.K.)

Where to cut hair for donation?

Just follow the guidelines in any of the charity mentioned above and basically,any salon will do it for you, even if they are not participating in such programs but do let them know the proper requirements for the hair donation and some of the participating salons offer free hair cut or do it at a discounted price too.You can even cut your hair by yourself complying their requirements.Then you may have to print out a donation form with your info from their respective website , put it in an envelope and mail it to them. Simple as that !

Please make a difference ,spread the word- Hope you will consider this good cause and help the children/adult in need to look and feel themselves again...Do your bit!

(P.S.- I am not a spokesperson or an endorser of any of the organizations mentioned above .It is strictly personal - straight from my heart-certified by God -as always!! )