28 February 2016

Yin and Yang cookies|Valentine unique cookies |Zen cookies


In the black,there is some white,
In the wrong ,there is some right,
In the dark ,there is some light,
In the blind,there is some light ~ Abhinyana

That explains exactly how life is ,or any good relationship is ,for that matter.That is also the philosophy of my life . And I absolutely like it that way because that's how you strike the right balance, I believe, in life ..I don't believe in the word - perfect - In fact, I love an imperfect life --that's what makes it interesting ..

I call the month of February as "the month of love " ,two reasons behind that ; Valentine's day falls in this month (You guessed it right !) and second ,you can't guess ,so I am telling you,it is also the month of our wedding anniversary .So,it's a very very special month for me and my better 1/2 . Especially ,for me as I get double presents (Yayyy!) ,though bad for the bank balance .....


Well,it's good to get present always but as we mature with years of togetherness,gifts don't matter soo much ...what matters is the actual realization, if we as a couple are - Yin and yang and complete each other or not...

If you are not aware of Yin and Yang ,they are a part of Chinese Philosophy, that stands for two apparently opposite forces working together to create a balanced complimentary harmony in the universe. They are interconnected , inter dependent and incomplete without each other YET no one is better than each other as well.


The symbol of the Yin Yang is also known as Tai Chi or Tai qui which is represented in the form of a circle divided into two section by letter "S" - one is black and other is white with a tiny circle in each sections respectively.Each and every part of this symbol has a deep significance of its own.

The outer circle represents universe and the duality that lies in everything in the universe .

The white portion represents Yin with following features :Male,dominance,strength,bright,logical,assertive,active etc and the dark portion represents Yang , for exact opposite part -female, soft,humble,creative,conservative,passive etc..and beyond that, like Dark and Light,Life and death,cold and hot,night and day,health and sickness etc etc...


The small circles in each of the portion represents that nothing is absolute and small part of each portion exists in each other and each needs the other to exist well.

And the partition between two portion in the form of "S" represents how they are connected to each other ,how they flow into each other,how they belong,how they coexist and how they tango :D ,it's not straight,smooth ,it's a mutually inclusive curve ....

SO,basically Yin and Yang represents togetherness,mutual dependence to create the ultimate balance and harmony in the universe .So,this month of love and togetherness,I created these Yin Yang cookies exclusively for my better half as a token of my humble love and dedication to his highness ;D ...

As one of my favorite Hollywood actress,better 1/2 of my favorite actor Will smith - Jada Pinketh Smith said beautifully,"Will and I are Yin and Yang.He is all sky,vast ,bright and soaring and I am Earth.I am here to ground him, and he is here to help me fly." ... Exactly what I believe in but wouldn't have beautifully expressed as Jada did ..Hats off !!


So,please watch my video that will show you the Yin and Yang cookie recipe - how to make Yin and Yang cookies without any fancy cookie cutter ,my way :

My better half was on his knees (sheecret-just the way I like it ,wink !) ...and he said,"Will you be mine ?"
Well,to the cookies (I got you haha..)..well,I am already his -to annoy him with all my yin-yang qualities for the rest of our life together hehehe...


On serious note ,AGAIN,want to share a beautiful poem from a famous Chinese monk,Shih-T'ou-
Gaur farmayeeyega ;)/Your attention please -

Within light there is darkness,
but do not try to understand that darkness.
Within darkness there is light,
but do not look for that light.
Light and darkness are a pair,
like the foot before and the foot behind in walking.
Each thing has its own intrinsic value
and is related to everything else in function and position.
Ordinary life fits the absolute as a box and its lid.
The absolute works together with the relative,
like two arrows meeting in mid-air............

Cheers to the harmony and love ,