22 March 2016

The perfect Dahi vada |Dahi Bhalla recipe|Holi recipe


 Color is in the air! ...When nature is spring-ing into a new vibrant life ,in my homeland,India,people are gearing up to celebrate the festival of color,Holi. Nostalgia unleashed !!

Flashback - to my color-filled childhood days ...Bonfires lit by gali wale bhaiyas/big bros (Yo!) in the huuuge ground in front of us at midnight,the shor-sharaba/noisy ,lively atmosphere around ,papa bringing different colors and pichkaris (a spray bottle to fill color water to play) ,me having exam after two days yet next day ,with a who-cares attitude, filling the pichkaris with colors and spraying at my friends and getting drenched in colors myself ,as if it's the bath of my lifetime,people wandering on the street ,looking multi-colored like ETs(extra-terrestrials),some drunk in bhang (an edible narcotic local drink ,usually drank on Holi ),others in festivity ...Sweet women busy making sweets -holi delicacies ...Evening spent with family and friends enjoying sweets and savories as if to replenish the energy spent on torturing others with colors during the day and to reveal your true self behind the colorful face (for ex:I can eat 10 malpuas in one go,so everyone knows behind those pink colored face, it's me -I don't mind, seriously!)....


What can I say, "Holi" is the day when people celebrate true freedom - free from any social norms,prejudices,caste,creed,gender,age,color,any indifference ,beliefs,values ,hatred...Freedom to be themselves and do whatever they like even if it's pathetic ,by just saying,"Bura na mano Holi hai/Don't get offended,it's Holi afterall".Well,Holi is all about enojying life regardless,the simple pleasures like colors,fun,laugh,unity in diversity ,just fun unlimited...."Let loose " is the fun-da here...


Holi is best celebrated in North India and (as I've told zillion-th time before) I am lucky enough to have spent my entire childhood in North India ..Thanx again maa and paa...Muaahhh...Thx for giving us so many colorful memories .Even though away from India,my heart can feel the happiness and rejoice the colorful bygone days at least .....No matter how you celebrate in abroad,it can't be equivalent to even the fraction of the actual celebration in India ...Even the messy environment in India endows some kinda nirvana...Festivals makes me feel so proud to be an Indian....Miss you India !


I believe ,foods possess a supernatural power to do a time travel to past (Poor scientists-they are still figuring it out!)...I totally rely on foods to reminisce and rekindle my good bygone days ...Foods can evoke all five senses at once and BOOM...I am back to my childhood days...For instance -during Holi I land directly at my neighbor's house enjoying Malpuas or "spongy tangy Dahi vadas" ....that's the reason why I love food,it bridges the gap for me from past to present ;bringing me and keeping me closer to my motherland ...


 Holi reminds me Dahi Vadas a lot.We were surrounded by people all over India.Our neighbors would invite us to enjoy Holi delicacies together and Dahi vadas ruled in common among all my neighbors kitchen ,even a few aunties(I love you!) would bring more dahi vadas incase we didn't visit them.Well,my mom had a good rapport with all her neighbours even though she spoke Hindi like Sanskrit...I really had loads of friends in my neighborhood,so it was always fun non-stop....Needless to say,Dahi vada brings me nostalgia..

So,today,once again to rekindle those memories and celebrate Holi edible-y,I am presenting you ,how to make spongy vadas,dahi vadas recipe with the tangy,spicy yogurt sauce .Dahi vadas are black gram fritters drenched in yogurt sauce and spices.It is then pampered with spices,chutneys making it the killer combo of sweet,spice and tangy.Pls watch my quick video that will show you tips and tricks how to make perfect dahi vadas or dahi bhallas recipe .....

Wish you all a very Happy Holi.May your life be as colorful and fun-filled as Holi !

With loads of colorful wishes,