11 March 2016

Kerala style fish mappas curry| Fish Mappas nadan style|Fish mappas curry


The relationship between fish and God's own country,Kerala is just like salt and cooking-inseparable,indispensable and a must .Fish is a staple at every Mallu's home back in Kerala .Infact,every mallu lady is more worried about (in the morning),"Where the hell is the fishmonger?" than,"Oh my goodness,I've to make break fast and cook lunch for my kids and kid's dad " and every Mallu husband is also like ,"Where the hell is the fish monger ?" or "I should be heading to the fish market for the freshest catch of the day ASAP or else have a lunch ,hard to swallow " ...Well,Mallus LOVE fish.Period.


When it comes to fish ,the Mallu in me also soars like the tides in the sea . In fact,I can feel the entire Arabian sea in my mouth with all the fish in it ..even though I hate Sushi ...I only eat cooked fish that is camouflaged with all spices and swimming in a sea of gravy or sizzling in a hot oiled pan or playing hide and seek with coconut paste...otherwise fish should just remain in sea :|...As our famous Malayalam actor,Mr.Suresh Gopi would say,"Just remember that!".:P


However,fish is not a staple at my home ..here in US...as my hubby is not a fishy guy,I mean,fish loving guy...but that doesn't mean,I don't cook it at all ,I do...I make different types of fish recipes like a few that made it to my blog so far are Netholi meen pattichathu/Dry Anchovy recipe Kerala style , Kerala fish cutlet ,Apollo fish fry recipe Andhra style ,Pan fried salmon on a bed of lettuce ,, Karimeen porichathu/Pearl spot fish fry ,    ,Karimeen pollichathu  ... 


I make all these different recipes to lure my hubby to rethink why he shouldn't be eating fish a lot and even though an Andhra raised product ,his root lies in God's own country after all..(secret between you and me !Shhhhh)  ..Now,as you know,being a humble,dutiful,loving wifey,I am,isn't that how it is supposed to be ...(Blushing!)

So,likewise to join the list of fish menu at my home is today's special - "Fish Mappas curry Kerala style " ."Fish mappas curry " is a mildly spiced curry made with oodles of coconut milk .Any fleshy fish are preferred like Pomfret,Pearl spot or King fish.So,I am using king fish for this fish/meen mappas recipe .

So,pls watch my video that will show you how to make fish mappas nadan style /Fish mappas recipe Kerala style : The recipe is included in the my quick video .

I love the simplicity of this fish curry . Simply yummy ! I bet you will too...Enjoy it with hot rice,any side dish or just with appams.....