17 September 2016

How to make rainbow popsicles at home

After all those articles on good health - nutritional info on fats,proteins,carbs,fiber blah blah blaah ,it is time to take a break -how about a cool break !Oh Yeah - Ice ice baby !!

Well,this summer's highlight was this rainbow Popsicle. It was my way of capturing the colors of summer in this Popsicle and not only that, it was also my way of having ice pop in a healthy way . Yep ,I used different homemade fruit juice plus a sports drink as I loved that color and it was impossible to get that color otherwise and moreover the sports drink had lots of vitamins,minerals etc in this and since I used it moderately ,it qualified under being kinda healthy .

It is so fun to make Popsicle at home.I used to always think before I made a real homemade ice pop that ,it is not that easy to make an ice pop and it can never be healthy.I thought the ice lollies are laden with some kind of heavenly sherbet always.

Reminds me my childhood days,how I and my bro would wait for the summer break and the ice pop /barf ka gola from the Popsicle vendor with the ice cream cart .The sound of that bell ringing in his cart would sound nothing less than a bell at any temple.It was that soothing to our little ears. It was not something my parents encouraged us to buy but somehow they agreed for once in a while .My favorite ice pop used to be in orange color (damn,I am drooling!) and my brother's ,he was fine with any color.

Anyways,off to my rainbow ice pop ,I didn't even use a special ice mold instead I used a glass .

So,this is how I made a rainbow popsicle at home :


Watermelon juice - 1 cup
Pineapple juice - 1 cup
Strawberry juice - 1 cup
Kiwi juice - 1 cup
Orange juice - 1 cup
Sports drink,aqua - 1 cup 

Method: It is better to see than read steps to make . Please watch my video that will show you how I made this layered beautiful rainbow Popsicle at home :)

Whenever fall/autumn is near , I am in a denial mode that summer is gonna over soon and I get that irk to make something that screams it-is-still-summer and this Popsicle is my sunshine :).