21 December 2016

Idiyappam Kerala style (Updated post) |Kerala Traditional breakfast

Idiyappam is one of the most popular traditional breakfast item from Southern India - in Kerala,it is called ,well,idiyappam or nool puttu or nool appam,same in Tamil Nadu and Srilanka ,Semige or Seme da Addae in Tulu,shavige in Kanada,putumayam in Malayasia and string hoppers in English. (Credit:Wiki) Wowww!!

This is one of that food item that makes me lol .Why ? As I have already mentioned once ,"Idi" in Malayalam means "Punch" and "Appam" means Pancake.So,basically, a pancake that can punch ! 🙊🙉🙈💪


Just like name ,its appearance can also be deceiving or say interesting .Again why ??? Well,as you can see in the pics ,they are like an edible saree in the sense,strings of flour wrapped forever or white noodles that are steamed to eat .

They are Special ,you see and guess what you can't make them just like that ,they need a special cooking equipment for their preparation that is Idiyappam press or seva nazhi with idiyappam achu/mould and idli cooker or idli steamer .

During olden times (still people do),to make idiyappams, raw rice was cleaned well,then sun dried and ground to a smooth rice powder and used for making idiyappams traditionally and my mom used to make like that as well . However,my mom showed me how we can create soft idiyappams using the store bought flour too (to make it easy for me and to ensure that I, without a miss ,will make these idiyappams exclusively for my hubby now and for kids in future 💁) and of course ,the lazy me ,opted the second method ,without any second thought .😋

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Also,I remember, how my mom used to make idiyappams - the idiyappam press or seva nazhi she used certainly needed lots of stamina and strength to press it to create these string hoppers . I tried once and then it was the first and the last 😁. Poor amma ,I feel bad for her - how she used to wake up early and made these several idiyappams in time with no one to help (and never expected) for  paa and us before we left to office and school respectively ...Never complained !:) - Maa tujhey salaam ! 🙏🙇😘

Dear Amma ,your dedication till today, inspires me, whenever I feel utter lazy ! My special respects to all women from her generation especially -they did their best with whatever little,nothing fancy-pancy things they had which used to be time consuming yet tiring ,happily for their family ,day in day out,with hardly any complains .🙇🙏💗 and thanks mom for teaching me to acknowledge simple scenarios like that and learn from them and remember for ever.


Those hefty idiyappam press gave me the shiver and the wrong impression that I will never ever make idyappam by myself in life . In a way ,the lazy me was thankful too 😁 .But as we are progressing,little equipment like these are too  and so are my responsibilities...🙌

Nowadays,the idyappam press are quite easy to use and in fact, fun to use as it has different moulds in it which can be used for making varieties of traditional snacks and other dishes .So,it has multi-purpose. What looked like a herculean task ,has become a child's play 😇

Now,idiyappam is fun to make and fun to eat as well . I and my better 1/2 love our Kerala idiyappam.
So,let me show you how I make Idiyappam Kerala style :-

Idiyappam Kerala style recipe

(Makes roughly 20 )


Rice flour - 2 cups
Water - 3 1/2 cups (for making dough) & 3 cups for steaming
Grated coconut - 1 cup (approx)
Salt - 1 Tsp
Oil/Ghee - 1 Tsp

Idiyappam press/Idiyappam achu
Idli cooker

Preparation of Idiyappam method :Please watch my video that will show you step by step method how to make idiyappam Kerala style traditionally and I am sure it will be helpful for beginners as I've tried my best to explain it .

Note: The success of making yummy idiyappam lies in making the dough well . So,please follow the exact ingredient quantity I mentioned above .Incase,your dough becomes watery,add little by little flour to make it into a knead-able form.Rest tips and tricks to make soft idiyappam using just the store bought rice flour are explained in the idiyappam video above.

These idiyappams are served hot with any vegetarian curry or non-vegetarian curry as a staple breakfast item back in Kerala.And,I love it with Kerala mutta curry or Kerala style egg curry .They are very filling .I don't know about Maggi but these noodles are healthy comparatively 😝😀.And no one can ever mess with them because they have the potential to 👊💪,well,atleast by name ...