28 December 2016

My edible Christmas Tree 2016 |Happy Xmas|Happy New Year 2017


It is Christmas in the heart,that puts Christmas in the air .~ W.T.Ellis

Christmas is indeed the most beautiful  season of the year especially here in U.S.A . There is so much happiness and joy on everyone's face and everywhere .Each and every home and each and every store are beautifully decorated and the little snow now and then , even winter season looks magical in its own way  and I,feel like ,"Manju in wonderland "!!😊

I don't know if it was my upbringing ,even though we are Hindu,my Dad,kept Lord Jesus's idol besides our Hindu Gods to teach us (practically) that "God" is one ,irrespective of religions,which is totally man-made and all adulterated nowadays .Soak the good from all,reject the bad ! - I wonder ,if this is one of the reason,I am quite drawn to Lord Jesus like a magnet !!

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When I was little,I used to read small bible I had (Probably my Dad's),even though I hardly understood any verses ,as a token of love and devotions towards Lord Jesus and Bible is the first Holy book I ever read as well ...


And I had Christian neighbours while growing up and then we used to have good rapport with them .I used to eagerly wait for Mary aunty's Xmas plum cake and other edible goodies .The carol at their house used to be the most peaceful music I have heard and all the Christmas programs in TV ,made my days ,oh, and most importantly the happy holidays we got at school 😁

Well,I have amazing parents who gave me the right values and also were surrounded by people from all religions and state and we were more than happy to celebrate every festival without any ifs and buts .


John 3:16 For God so loved the world that he gave his one and only son, That whoever believes in him shall not perish but have eternal life.
I think the other reason why I feel drawn towards Jesus is his story - Among all God's who had an Earthly life ,I am very inspired by - Lord Jesus ,Lord Rama,Shri Gautam Buddha ,Sai Baba ,the most !!

Because, even though they were incarnations of God ,they all went through sufferings,pain ,troubles constantly and gladly . Lord Rama (Vanavasa period) and Shri Gautam Buddha were from royal family yet they went for a life full of  struggles . Especially when it comes to Lord Jesus , his statue/idol on cross ,nailed and thorns on his head hurts me !! It makes my heart bleed silently .

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Even the most compassionate, loving God's own son,Lord Jesus was tested,doubted,misunderstood, disrespected,manipulated,betrayed by known and unknown and tortured mercilessly. Lord Jesus led the most simple life yet full of sufferings happily and yet forgiving others and loving others unconditionally.

And little funny yet meaningful quote I read in Instagram the other day ,"Lord Jesus had only 12 followers and Hitler had countless !" 😁..Even that inspires me ,there is nothing in having followers , fans,million friends etc 🙌😇😀..

"Quality over quantity" is something which I strongly believe in as well and we are living in an era where it is all about social medias and getting followers by hook or by crook . It never enticed me like that !😒My blogging is the ultimate proof of that ROFL 😂 ....Just not my thing and my blogging experience taught me a lot of things ,made me stronger , fearless,unapologetically me and standing alone is totally cool and most importantly ,God's presence more !! My nirvana 😍

I must mention that I get emails from top notch bloggers with zillion followers lately(Thank you !:) ) (sadly,not even one is Indian) ,appreciating my content and directly and indirectly they guide me how to get followers in FB,YouTube etc etc .

Even though I try a bit ,I must say ,it's not my thing and I am not that interested in nos. anymore,yeah,once I wondered and wished lil bit ,BUT,I am here to share my passion and don't want it to be like a competition and I don't rely on those nos. of followers to justify my worth .Naah, neither my intention nor I have time for that !

And I believe, I got all these inspirations from God almighty especially Lord Jesus -His life is one of the ultimate inspiration to me ...That's why I love him a lot without being or becoming a Christian ,in fact ,being a simple human in true sense !!

And I pray to God to make me as forgiving as he was to others ,who harm me intentionally with their words or actions !!

Anyways,that's why I LOVE Christmas,the day Lord Jesus was born ! And what is a Christmas ,without any Christmas tree !!..So,this year's Christmas tree is another edible Christmas tree made up Idiyappam and I used Organic wheat grass to get that green color than any artificial color. So,till today my Christmas trees are something that won't go waste but in fact will nourish my family as well.

Happy belated Christmas wishes and a very happy new year in advance !!

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