03 January 2017

(Nadan)Pakkavada Kerala style|Ribbon Pakoda|Ola Pakoda|Traditional Kerala snack


Pakkavada is a very popular snack from Kerala .Even though it has a suffix as "vada",it has got no resemblance by looks or taste of a vada which is nothing but usually lentil fritters/fritters ..However,they are also known as ribbon pakoda , ola pakkavada or lace pakoda as they do look like ribbon or lace or ola in Malayalam which means "palm leaf" .

For me it resembles ,another edible saree ...👀😝


Anyways,they taste really good and is therefore one of the famous tea time snack in Kerala .Pakkavadas are sold in most of the bakery stores in Kerala and also made at home .I remember how guests or relatives would some time bring Pakkavada, when they visited my grandma/ammama's home and I would be wondering like,"Whaaat,are you crazy visitors,why can't you bring some other tasty bakery products, pakkavada even my mom makes."😈😛

I must say Pakkavada is not one of my favorite snack though as I lean more towards sweet snacks 👅


Pakkavada is quite simple to make but then you need the seva nazhi/pakkavada maker to make them .It is an art in itself !

Nothing beats and taste like a homemade fresh ,spicy,crunchy,warm nadan pakkavada !

So,today,I am going to share how pakkavada is made at my home .This is a Kerala style Pakkavada ,anyone can make easily and enjoy .

Kerala Pakkavada Recipe


Gram Flour/Besan - 2 cups
Rice powder - 1/2 cup
Water to knead
Chili powder  - 2 Tsp
Asafoetida powder - 1/2 Tsp
Pepper powder - 1/2 Tsp
Garlic,pods - 2 nos.
Curry leaves
Salt to taste
Coconut oil for deep frying 

Method:Pls see the video that will demo how to make nadan pakkavada properly ,I am sure it will be quite helpful for beginners .

Pakkavada is a traditional delicacy of Kerala .If you haven't tried it yet,you must !Fun to make and fun to eat with just a cuppa of tea/coffee .Enjoyyy!