08 February 2017

Kundru ki Bhujia/Bhunjia|Ivy Gourd Bihari style recipe


Kundru ki bhujia/bhunjia is a North Indian recipe - An Ivy Gourd stir fry Bihari style recipe .This Ivy Gourd recipe is quite simple to make and it goes really well with roti,chapathi,rice,poori etc .

Whenever I make this Ivy Gourd recipe,the simple aroma emitting from this very simple stir fry,reminds me of my neighbor next door Bihari aunty's kitchen ,which was adjacent to our quarter's kitchen in North India ,during my childhood days.


It was a clash of Titans..err,I mean kitchens - South (Ours) vs North(Her's) aromas and for me, I loved more North Indian foods and so ,the aroma from Bihari aunty's cooking won my heart which was as beautiful as aunty used to be/is . One of my mom's best friend and amma was so enchanted by aunty's surreal beauty that she named her "Hema Malini" - the yesteryear stunning Bollywood actress .(Shhhh..That was a family shh-ecret !!)😆

And as I have mentioned several times,we used to live in an amazing neighborhood or may be it was my parent's amazing rapport with everyone regardless, we all shared food with each other occasionally,special food preparations during festivals or just like that and this Ivy Gourd stir fry /Kovakka mezhukkupurratti /Kovakkai poriyal was one which my dearest Bihari aunty would share with us with hot soft and fluffy poori-s .

And ,
This is how Ivy Gourd stir fry Bihari recipe - kundru in Hindi and bhujia/bhunjia means stir fry is made (by aunty's grace) :

Bihari Kundru ki Bhujia 


Ivy Gourd/Kundru/Kovakka - 3 Cups
Green chillies -3-4 nos
Garlic - 1-2 Nos.
Turmeric powder - 1 Tsp
Cumin seeds - 1 Tsp
Mustard oil - 2-3 Tbsp
Salt to taste

Preparation method to make this ivy gourd recipe : Pls watch the video that will guide you how to make this kundru ki bhujia properly.