06 February 2017

How to make quick and easy butter at home|Homemade butter recipe

I LOVE butter ! However, I hardly use it in my cooking ,mostly restricted to baking cake only .Just like the never-ending debate of butter being harmful to health or not since years and the conclusion that too much of butter is indeed harmful to health and it should be eaten in moderation , I learned (hard-way) to self-control my urge to splurge on butter (Did that rhyme?)

Thing is ,I can eat butter like a dessert and once I  start eating butter ,it becomes totally irresistible for me to eat a little at a time just like Indian sweets and especially if it is "AMUL" brand,the most popular butter of India,I am unstoppable .I am quite brand loyal there !🙌

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No other brand of butter ever tasted like Amul,I don't know if that's because it has got a nostalgic connection to it as Amul butter was our go-to brand at my home since I was little and my mother had a hard time hiding butter- Whenever,she would be gearing up to whip up some sweets ,desserts that require butter ,she only found a packet with covers smeared with some leftover butter here and there.😏😁

I also had a similar hairstyle like Amul girl.If someone would ask me to draw my cartoon when I was a cutie naughty girl ,don't be surprised if I just drew her. 😆 😉😊

I wonder if she is my amul-ya kumbh ke mele mein bhichdi hui twin 😋😅


Not only that,I also believe, I have a divine connection with butter because according to our Indian astrology,my nakshatra,the Indian zodiac sign is Ashtami Rohini ,which is also the Supreme Hindu God,Shri Krishna's as well and all Indians are well aware of the fact ,that butter is Lord Shri Krishna's favourite food and his mischievous tales of stealing and eating butter at home non-stop,churned by his mother,Yashoda and Yashoda also had a hard time controlling Lord's splurge thereby.


And so ,my mother would always pull my leg reminding me every now and then ,why I adore butter so much ! Guess what, even our house name in Kerala is related to Shri Krishna's native place.

Jai Shri Krishna ! Well,sab bhagwaan Shri Krishna ki maya hain maa 😊😜


So,well,it's in-built in my nakshatra.You see,I can't help it .That's why, I only buy butter when I have to by any means use butter in my recipes and butter substitutes like margarine etc are certainly a no-no for me and I consider them more unsafe for health.

Butter has been used since millennia from civilization to civilization ,culture to culture,country to countries,recipes to cooking and is considered sacred physically,mentally and spiritually from time immemorial around the world.

The name ,"Butter", originated form the term "Bou-Tyron" meaning,Cow cheese in Greek .

Pure butter is in fact very beneficial for good health and well-being overall : BUT,moderation is the key!

Benefits of butter:

  • Butter has loads of vitamins and minerals .
  • Provides healthy saturated fats to build metabolism and when taken in moderation even helps in promoting weight loss.
  • Helps in hormone production - especially thyroid related ones.
  • Keeps our immune system strong.
  • Maintains strong bone and teeth.
  • Helps in the development of brain,nervous system etc.
  • Protects against any gastrointestinal infections or arthritis in joints.
  • Good for skin ,hair and eyes.
Did You Know ?
  1. The first reference to butter was found 4,500 years ago on a limestone illustrating how butter was made in ancient times.
  2. Greeks ,Romans and Egyptians used butter for cosmetic use for soft skin and hair and for medicinal purpose to soothe cough ,infections,eye problems  etc
  3. In India,butter was considered holy and used for religious purpose and also to light lamps.
  4. In Northern Europe,butter was used for preventing any kidney or bladder stone formation .
  5. In Bible ,butter is considered divine as well,mentioned as special offering to three angels by Abraham and Sarah.

Did you know,I made quick and easy homemade butter in just 10 minutes?

This butter recipe is quite easy and simple .There is only one ingredient for making this super quick butter at home by using a blender and just Heavy whipping cream (I used 1 Quart - 946 ml but any amount can be used ,just follow the exact method to make this butter) .What I loved the most was the transformation process of becoming flavorful butter from cream, which tastes better than a store-bought one .It is pure magic !!

So,why don't you watch my video that will show you how I made this easy homemade butter recipe:

My most favorite comfort food to eat and I wish I could eat it every morning every day is simple-y - Warm soft White bread ,smeared with pale ,smooth,soft ,lukewarm butter - oh Utterly butter-ly delicious (Right Amul ?) !!!