01 February 2017

Tricolor Puttu recipe|Indian Republic Day special tricolor food dedication


On the eve of the 68th Republic day celebration in India on January 26th ,even my food ,as most of the time, got a patriotic makeover by becoming a simple humble puttu to a Tricolor Puttu .

The basic Kerala puttu is made up of rice powder and coconut which may not be thaaat healthy .So,I infused some grated carrots,green mung beans and turned it into a healthy and republic day special tricolor food


So,Tricolor puttu is a healthy version of Kerala puttu recipe with the goodness of vitamins in carrot,fiber and protein in mung beans/cherupayar and rice is carb and coconut is a good fat ,nutritious and so they are as colorful and meaningful like the Indian flag.So,this is an Indian Republic day's special tri color food representing India /my humble dedication as always.

Please watch my video to see ,the tricolor puttu recipe and how to make step by step this tricolor recipe :

Khoob bahthi hai, aman ki ye Ganga bahne do,
Math phehalao desh mein danga,ye rehne do,
Laal harein rang mein na baaton humko,
Mere chathh par ye tiranga rehne do...

May the Indian tricolor flag always fly high and proud,
May every Indians mingle well wherever they go ,whichever crowd,
May humanity and love be our religion,
May we spread peace,happiness and prosperity as our passion..

Jai Hind !!

Happy Belated Republic Day India,

Miss you !