06 April 2017

Infinity Jar -The most powerful jars of the world|My first ever product review of amazing GLASS jars


I am a huge fan of glass products .Glass products always keeps foods safe ,our health safe,our family safe and our environment safe .I try my best to use glass products as much as possible.So,when Infinity jars contacted me to do a product review of their glass products ,I was very happy to do it and when I researched about their products in their website ,I was more happy to know how breathtaking-ly useful these glass jars are.

The Infinity jars are not like any other jars .These jars are in fact the super hero among jars. And like any super hero,they are dashing in and out ; very good looking with a dark violet hue and with inbuilt hidden super powers/features .Simply irresistible !!😎


I am lucky,Infinity jars were good enough to send me these one-of-a-kind jars for FREE .. Now, who would say no to such an amazing product and amazing offer 😉? Thank God ,I didn't!

The Science behind the Infinity jars

Infinity jars were created by extensive research and experiments by scientists and other health advocates from around the world .These jars/bottles are made with an ultra violet technology .These pigmented jars may appear black in color but when held against light,they are in fact dark violet in color ,which is the actual color of these jars that holds the key to the treasure trove of  the unparalleled qualities they possess. These jars are imported with European standard and the ultra violet used to make these unique jars/bottles allows only violet light from the visible light spectrum and absorbs all others.

Picture Credit : Infinityjars.com

By blocking harmful visible lights,the contents of these jars/bottles are protected against all damaging effects and so, the contents stored in them stays fresh longer.These jars do allow the good lights - the infrared light and the high energy UVa light in ,that energizes and sanitizes the jar ,making any pathogens or bacteria inhospitable .These jars have an airtight seal that prevents the contents from being exposed to oxygen and decay and are also leak proof ,waterproof and smell proof as well.

As  a matter of fact,these dark violet glasses were already in use since ancient Egyptian civilization to preserve their natural healing products safely for long .


Jacob Lorber 's(who wrote Heilkraft des Sonnenlichts (The Healing power of sunlight) ,research and studies claimed any remedies stored in these violet jars will not only be preserved for decades but also will be enriched and activated.Further experiments in recent years have confirmed his claims.

Infinity jars also conducted a few experiments to confirm how effective these dark pigmented jars are:

                                           Picture Credit : InfinityJars.com

Even other glass storage containers (clear,amber,blue and green) allow all visible and non visible light spectrum to pass through and therefore won't guarantee optimum protection of the contents stored.
Picture Credit:Infinityjars.com

Now you know,why I agreed to do a product review and how could I resist not to own them and most importantly share with YOU.However,my ever curious mind wanted to  reconfirm the magical power these violet glass holds by motivating me to do my own little experiments to confirm how good these violet jars are.Since I can't wait to do month(s) long experiment to do the product review .I used two simple things known to spoil fast -Cilantro leaves and grated coconut .

1. In my first experiment,I placed a few cilantro leaves into the infinity jar and a mason jar respectively ,under sunlight for the whole day and as they say,"Pictures speaks thousand words." Look at the picture for the result .(This experiment is shown live in my video)


2.In my second experiment,I put some frozen grated coconut into an infinity jar and into a plastic container and kept it in room temperature for a week.Again,you can see what happened and who won the game? - "INFINITY JAR"!!👏👌 (This experiment is also shown in my video)


Infinity jars are definitely a game changer ! There are about 70 styles of Infinity jars available that are suitable for kitchen to cosmetic to apothecary needs exclusively .Some are screw top jars,some are spray dispensers,droppers,glass roller,push pump,glass on glass apothecary special jars ,oil spouts and more .

(Even though Infinity jars didn't ask for a video product review,I decided to do both -below video and a blog post dedicated to Infinity jars as a token of gratitude and appreciation.)

These jars can be used to store your precious herbs,spices,flour,tea,coffee,homemade DIY natural products -lotions,serums,creams etc etc,essential oil or cooking oil ,from wine to just water and apothecary special products and the BEST thing about these jars are they keep the product safe with long shelf life without the addition of any preservatives,chemical free.👍


These jars are heavy duty glass jars that are made to last lifetime, if properly maintained and according to their website, the glass is sturdy enough not to break that easily ,however,their caps are plastic ,which if broke,can be easily replaced for a few bucks from their website.Even though the caps are plastic,they are BPA free and have a special liner that prevents the content to come in contact with the plastic cap.So,product stays safe in that way as well.

What did Infinity Jars sent me for the product review ?

Infinity Jars were nice enough to send me a variety pack of 5 screw top jars , ranging from 5 ml (.17 fl oz)-250 ml (8.5 fl oz) capacity,a few self-adhesive labels ,a cleaning cloth,a pamphlet and a letter about their products - All professionally packed ,shipped and arrived on time in good condition.😊

What did I like and unlike about Infinity Jars ?

It was like a love at first sight ,when I opened the package they sent to me .I am neither bluffing nor flattering them ,trust me, these glass jars are such a visual cum functional treat - well-built,stylish,sturdy,functional and center of attention .Honestly,I don't want to keep them inside my kitchen cabinets hidden,I want to display them open with a dash of pride to show everyone and I bet hardly anyone can stop staring at them .These deep violet pigmented glass jars look custom ordered - Simply luxurious !


And the remarkable features they have - air proof,light proof,waterproof,smell proof,keeps products safe,sound,energized with long shelf life without compromising its quality ,these violet Infinity glass jars are a real steal for the deal !


I like everything about them .So far so good !! I didn't find anything to dislike but if a few things that can be little turnoffs for others ,I am guessing ,are that they are tad expensive but considering all the benefits these jars have to offer ,it is worth the investment when compared to other jars and you get what you pay for.If these glass jars were any cheaper,with all these super qualities,it would appear fake to me.In the long run, these jars can prevent wastage of products especially potent herbs,spices,homemade products etc and the money paid and so it is worth its price I think.

Moreover,InfinityJars.com always have special promotions going on like discount codes,giveaways,deals of the day etc etc.Just stay connected to them and avail those offers without a miss.


Some people may find it complicated to see their products in the dark pigmented glass .But then that's why the label is for .However,I would request Infinity Jars to also include a measurement scale on the jar if possible ,so that it will be easy to know how much content is left after each use without opening the jar.That would be great !

Also,I felt like cleaning can be a little challenging .So,I would request Infinity jars to provide a special cleaning brush with their products not just cloth if possible ,as regular brush may or may not fit in always .I know none of the jars do mostly but if possible,that would be quite helpful !


Though all information are available at their website,please provide an instruction manual with dos and don'ts included in every product package if possible - like how to clean the jars first before use,what all products like hot or cold can be stored,any exceptions/restrictions,how to take care of these jars properly etc etc as clear guidelines .So that we can use these precious jars in its optimum way more appropriately.

These are just requests not cons about these products .All in all ,I love these dark jars so far and I highly recommend it to everyone!


Infinity jars are definitely worth every penny spent and I am a huge fan of natural products and I do make my own homemade natural products and now I have the best-est jar to store all my products aptly without adding any preservatives.I am going to store my homemade natural lip balm,rosewater,Shea body butter and my precious saffron I bought from Thailand (so expensive!) etc etc into all these amazing jars as of now.Also,being an Indian,we use a lot of spices and pickles and these jars I can also use to store them aptly airtight with long shelf life. I am excited and I know I won't regret ever.


Infinity jars also provide worldwide shipping .So,anyone can order around the world ! Moreover,just in case if you are not 100% satisfied,they also offer money back guarantee,just notify them,and return the product for full price paid (minus S&H) back .

Infinity jars are hands down the best jar I own till today and honestly, I am very happy to have them.Infinity jars are special and will always be very special to me as well.


Thanks to Infinity jars for sending me these amazing jars to try .Thanks for considering me and for this opportunity .

Once again ,I strongly recommend it .Infinity jars are indeed amazing for all our optimum storage needs.Head over to Infinity jar's website to explore more about their products and shop these awesome jars without a miss .These jars are perfect for gifting others as well.


And Good news !!! - Use the coupon code :COOKINGDIVA20 anytime for a  20% off of your next purchase.Cheers!!

Shun plastic,Go glass !!

Take Care,

[Disclosure: This is a sponsored post. Infinity jars sent me these glass jars to try for free in exchange for a product review . All opinions expressed here are honest and my own .The code is not a referral code ,I don't make any commission out of it.All products used in comparison to infinity jars are just a general example and by no means against any particular company.]