10 April 2017

Dosa Recipe|How I make crispy crunchy Ghee roast Dosa


Dosa is one of the famous Indian crepe or pancake (only by appearance) made with a fermented batter of rice and black lentils a.k.a urad dal all over India but is a staple breakfast food item of South Indian states of Tamil Nadu,Karnataka,Andhra Pradesh and Kerala exclusively .

Indians love dosa so much that ,it is also one of the most popular street food,kinda healthy fast food and also made at home and so there are many varities of Dosa - Most famous one is Masala dosa,plain crispy dosa with different chutney and sambar ,Mysore dosa,Udipi special dosas,paneer dosa,egg dosa ,Rava dosa,pesarattu,neer dosa etc etc ...variety is the spice of Dosa 😋😉 .


Origin of dosa

According to many well-known food historians,dosa originated in South India itself centuries ago.However,the exact place of origin is still a mystery for food historians who have contradicting views till today.

According to the famous food historian K.T.Achaya,as per Sangam literature dosa originated around 1st century AD in ancient Tamil kingdom.Another famous food historian,P.Thankappan Nair speculates dosa originated in Udipi in Karnataka and so is ,even today, in every restaurant, famous dosa is considered to be Udipi Dosa as the dosa originated in Tamil Nadu used to be thick and soft ,but the Udipi dosas have the thin and crispy texture to it .Special mention, especially of the dosa recipe from Karnataka, is recorded in one of the popular 12th century encyclopedia compiled by Someshvara ||| ,the famous ancient ruler of Karnataka.

Mmmm,old is definitely gold here....😍


Health benefits of dosa
  1. Dosa provides healthy dose of carbs ,that can keep us full ,energized and maintain optimum weight.
  2. Good source of protein especially for vegetarians.
  3. Dosa contains vitamins and minerals in small quantity like Iron,Calcium,Vitamin B and C.
  4. When made with little oil,dosa has low calories and so is low in fat .So,good for weight loss. 
  5. Since no sweet/sugar is used ,dosa is apt for Diabetics as well.
How to make/prepare Dosa at home ?

Dosa is prepared by grinding and fermenting rice and black lentil .Making the right consistency of dosa batter and cooking/preparing crispy dosa is itself an art ....

This is how I make crispy crunchy dosa at home,in fact,thin crispy ghee roasted dosa at home :

Dosa recipe|Ghee roast crispy Dosa

Basmati Rice - 1 cup
Black split lentils/Urad dal - 1 1/4 cup
Fenugreek Seeds - 1 Tsp
Salt to taste
Ghee as needed

Preparation method of dosa : Pls watch my video that will show you my tips and tricks how to make thin crispy dosa batter step by step and ghee roast crispy dosa:

For me the crispiness and crunchiness of dosa is so addictive that I don't any accompaniments like chutneys,sambars with it ...Just a thin dosa ..made fresh ,hot and to its crunnnchy texture is enough...

Bite bite crunch crunch munch,