28 August 2019

Tiranga/Tricolor homemade ice cream - Edible tribute to India...


"Life is an ice cream,enjoy it before it melts." is one of my favorite philosophical line from my didi (Sini chechi),one of my family friend, which she wrote in my autograph book.Every time I eat ice cream that's what I think of and I chuckle and it's so true.


This year I made varieties of ice cream just to introduce it to my little girl who has turned 2 .Two reasons :

1. She is a picky fruit eater.She would rather play with fruits than eat them.I am always trying to come up with recipes to make her eat her fruits and Ice cream worked like a charm ! (DUHHH!)

2. I've not given her anything cold like from freezer directly.I wanted to know where her immune system stands .Because like me ,she gets sore throat first .So,anything cold may lead to that .I wanted to test that and also wanted her system to get used to freezer cold things as well.And now they are inseparable ! (Because of oodles of sugar in it,I don't want to give her a lot though and when I do,it is homemade only...as of now..and my girl prefers whatever mommy makes (blush ,THANK GOD AND TOUCHWOOD!)  )

Mere desh ke naam..to my INDIA..

When it comes to ice cream,myself and honey P (my better 1/2) ,we love Indian ice creams the most,the ice creams we ate growing up...which has lots of memories attached to it probably ...

Honey P loves our Indian "Quality ice cream the most "...Our taste buds crave for the different flavors we get in India...Here we like "Ben and Jerry" flavors mostly.Though we hardly buy ice cream that much. Then I started making homemade ice creams just to learn how to make one and we loved the taste .Besides, we know well what exactly were used to make the ice cream at home than the store-bought one with lots of known-unknown ingredients,colors involved.


I made varieties there after in past few years like Avocado ice cream,Saffron ice cream,Mango ice cream,Rose ice cream...

This year I made Mango ice cream, which is my little girl's and honey P's favorite.I tried Blueberry Ice cream ,Chocolate Ice cream,Vanilla Ice cream and more coming up probably...

and this Independence day ,my deewangi/desh prem continues,I made tricolor ice cream with my plant based food color ,my another edible dedication to India...I wanted to post on the Independence day itself but being a mommy with a naughty toddler at home 🙌💥 ...to do something on time is a miracle sometimes 😃

Better late than never...

and this is how I made tiranga ice cream/tricolor ice cream at home without any ice cream maker within a few minutes :

                                            Heavy Cream - 2 cups
                                            Condensed milk - 1 -2 cups
                           (depending upon the sugary taste one can handle,I used 2 cups :D )
                                            Vanilla extract - 2 Tsp
                                             Salt - 1/8 th Tsp
                                             Plant based food color - green ,red+yellow = Orange color
                                             Electric mixer

Method to make ice cream :

1.Beat the heavy cream on medium-high speed until it doubles its size and becomes thick,creamy and reaches a stiff peak point.
2.Add in the condensed milk ,salt and vanilla extract and beat until well-blended.
3.That's it the ice cream base is ready.
4.Now divide the ice cream batter into three bowls .Color one bowl with a few drops of green color and other with red and yellow color = orange color.
5.Now take a freezer safe bowl,layer it with green ice cream base and put it in the freezer for 30 minutes to harden up a bit .So that,when next layer is added,they won't mix up.
6.After 30 minutes,remove the green ice cream base and add in the next layer of white ice cream base and put back into the freezer for another 30 minutes to set.
7.Then finally add in the orange ice cream base and let it set well for at least 8 hrs or until completely set.
8.That's it the tricolor ice cream is ready...then scoop out from the bottom and serve on a cone ...

Explained and shown in detail in the below video of  making quick and easy home made ice cream(in HINDI) :

So,all it takes is 5 minutes to make this ice cream with a few ingredients and no special ice cream maker ,no egg involved  and voila,the most creamy,yummy,flavorful ice cream is ready at any time....how cool is that !!

Can't wait to make varieties of ice creams more...

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JAI HIND...Vande Matram