16 April 2020

Homemade Jackfruit Chips recipe Kerala style |Chakka Upperi|Kerala Chakka Varuthathu


Jackfruit,known as "chakka" in Malayalam (don't confuse it with the Hindi word though 😁😋) is one of the most abundantly available fruit in Kerala.Almost every home in Kerala is blessed with one or two Jackfruit trees in their backyard/yard for sure .And this is something I love about Kerala especially homes situated in towns/villages/cities that have plenty of backyards or front yards filled with Coconut trees,Jackfruit trees,Mango trees,Papaya trees,Banana trees ,tapioca plants especially and plus many more amazing trees and plants that if taken well-cared of ,are enough for making fresh tasty meals for the entire family .No need to rely on some pesticide-ridden vegetables from other states I believe.


However,our life is becoming too busy and extremely lazy looking forward to some quick ways to just fix and live our life .So,we tend to under-estimate what are available and over-estimate what are not .These days all these fruits like Jackfruit,Tapioca,Papaya etc are so overlooked and wasted that Govt. of Kerala had to step in and declare especially the Jackfruits laden with health benefits and each and every part of this fruit being useful in some way or other ,the "Samsthanam phalam" meaning the "(State)fruit of Kerala !"

 Even doctors are recommending everyone to grab these fruits and like good old days when these fruits were suffice as an easy snack,dessert,savory or a part of the meal ,to put into similar good use as they have immense health benefits .


India is the largest producers of Jackfruit in the world ! I don't know about others but it surely makes me damn happy and proud .Whenever I see all these trees growing at my home, flaunting the plump-y, juicy, fleshy, fresh fruits ,I just can't stop smiling .I am like I can't wait to eat you soon my dears.YOU ARE SO MINE!!👹

And this is Jackfruit season in Kerala and I am here at the right time (Daane daane pe likha hain iss khane wali ka naam)😜.So,we all at home are extremely happy to make the best use of these fruits properly.Since we used to be in North India for a while (25-30 Yrs) in the past,we didn't get much Jackfruits like know.So,we truly look forward and appreciate every fruit/Veg grown at home now !!

Mother is busy making different Jackfruit recipes ,the recent Jackfruit recipe is every mallu's fav,the jackfruit chips/Chakka Upperi/Chakka Varuthathu .They are not that fav of mine though .May be because I consider myself a mix of being a Mallu and a Bihari .:P ...Being sweet by nature :P,I prefer sweets more than snacks but I can eat it especially if they are homemade.

So,let's see how to make homemade Jackfruit chips Kerala style/chakka Upperi/Chakka Varuthathu :

Jackfruit chips Kerala style


Jackfruits,Unripe,cut lengthwise - As needed
Coconut oil (preferable for Kerala taste) or any cooking oil for deep frying
Turmeric powder - 1/4-1/2 Tsp (optional)
Salt as needed

Oil to apply on hands and Huge knife

Method of preparing Jackfruit chips :
  1. First thing first,apply oil all over your hand and the knife you are gonna use to prevent any stains on hand as they have white sticky residues.
  2. Place the Jackfruit on a rag for working on them properly.
  3. Cut the Jackfruit into two parts ,then cut them further into small parts like quarter sizes.
  4. Then take a small part,cut the core off ,remove the Jackfruit bulbs .
  5. Then remove the white strings all over the yellow bulbs and either remove the seeds from inside the bulb that will automatically remove the top white portion OR cut the top white portion with a knife and take out the seeds and cut the bulb into two parts .
  6. Cut each bulb piece into long strips neither too thin nor too thick .If they are cut evenly,it will fry fast and evenly.
  7. Continue with every bulbs and keep it aside.
  8. Heat a kadai with enough oil for deep frying.
  9. Put a piece or Jackfruit strip and make sure the oil is ready to fry like bubbling.
  10. Reduce the flame,put little turmeric powder .
  11. And fry a handful of Jackfruit wedges/strips without over-crowding.
  12. When they turn golden in color and turn crispy,remove them using a ladle with mini holes all over.
  13. Transfer them all into a pan .Place a tissue paper under neath to absorb excess oil.
  14. Sprinkle little salt (little by little to avoid adding excess) and give it a good mix.
  15. Transfer them all into an airtight container .They have a good long shelf life.
  16.  ENJOY with a cuppa Tea/Coffee !
OR,watch this jackfruit chips video/Chakka upperi video for a quick demo.Well,it is a purely made-at-home video full of blah blah banters as I want to keep it real - extra personal and memorable.So,do refer the subtitles for the step-by-step method to make these chips !Uvvo?

We are so blessed to have these Jackfruit trees at home .We can make so many dishes out of them.It amazes me with a huge smile .In US,we get a small portion of Jackfruit for like $5 approx .Ask me how precious these fruits are to us that nobody wants it in Kerala/India,well,means a lot to us.Whenever we see them in markets ,I literally jump with joy and can't stop smiling as if I got some treasure . So,my dear deshvaasiyon/countrymen pls value them,cherish them,relish them .


These fresh homemade Jackfruit chips tastes much better than the store-bought chips and they have long shelf life .If you are into chips and snacks like our Big Boss/Patidev/Husband G ,then this is jackpot.Our big boss can finish this or any chips in one sitting though ,which turns me into a snack-police ,always keeping an eye ,searching for places to hide them and making sure he doesn't eat all at once .But how dare I take panga with him !😀 Y?? Because he is also a LEO like me..rest is jungle jungle pata chala hai 😀.By the way,Little boss is also following her father's footsteps when it comes to chips it seems.😟😡 Kya karen kya na karen ye kaisi mushkil haaye...

By the by,every time we eat any snacks etc here we think of you more Bigg Boss ...There is a lump in my throat always...(Though he can cook by himself but certainly not into cooking healthy )...It (COVID) is a lump in our (everyone's) life too..well,ek aag ka dariya hai,doob ke jaana hai....

Anyways,I would also like to request you all snack/savory/chips lovers to have some self-control and eat small portion only, for your good health and then you get to eat them everyday for long till they finish gradually...and do appreciate all homegrown plants and trees..You see,now (COVID Crisis) if we run out of vegetables,we know for sure these jackfruits etc growing at home will control our hunger pangs ,prevent our family from starving if needed .(God forbid!)

And hey,do try my homemade Jackfruit chip recipe mother's style for sure,ketto??

And my dear Jackfruits ....YOU are jack-of-all-traits !...JAI HO!!