25 May 2021

Masala Dosa recipe with coconut chutney and sambar


Masala dosa is one of the most popular and traditional South Indian food all over the world .Masala Dosa is a kind of Indian savory crepe made up of rice, lentils , and a special potato stuffing that can make even a non-Indian go ga ga over it. Hence Masala dosa is sought after globally! 

I am sure every Indian may have a nostalgic connection/story when they think of or eat a Masala dosa ....For some it is simply a maa ke haathon se bana,pyaar se bhara,poshtik ghar ka khana (a comfort healthy food made by mother stuffed with love, care, and memory forever ) and for some, something the entire family or friends group /colleagues from the workplace would enjoy at a small dhaaba  across the street or any high-end restaurant and some like me proudly prepare at home ....all have one thing in common,knowingly-unknowingly making memories in the journey called LIFE .


Some like me also try to capture those edible memories somewhere in the virtual world forever especially for the coming generations to ponder ,cherish ,treasure, and share our great Indian edible traditions forever ...(Hopefully ,you see very soon everyone will have a robot maid at home at the beck of your call and some may get used to it and can't thank enough but then there will be some old-souls who will wonder ye ghar ka khana kya hota hai / how does a mom-made food tastes actually ??? What makes it so special ?? ...We are heading there....)

History of Masala Dosa

Exactly as mentioned in Mr.Wiki , "According to food historian K. T. Achaya, dosa (as dosai) was already in use in the ancient Tamil country around the 1st century AD, as per references in the Sangam literature.[2] According to historian P. Thankappan Nair, dosa originated in the Udupi town of present-day Karnataka.[3][4]

In popular tradition, the origin of the dosa is linked to Udupi, probably because of the dish's association with the Udupi restaurants.[1] Also, the original Tamil dosai was softer and thicker. The thinner and crispier version of dosai was first made in present-day Karnataka.[5] A recipe for dosa (as dosaka) can be found in Manasollasa, a 12th-century Sanskrit encyclopedia compiled by the Chalukya king Someshvara III, who ruled from present-day Karnataka.[6]


After the Independence of India, South Indian cuisine became gradually popular in the North. In Delhi the Madras Hotel[7] in Connaught Place became a landmark that was one of the first restaurants to serve South Indian cuisine.[8] It arrived in Mumbai with the Udupi restaurants in the 1930s.[9] "


Basically, a simple dosa is made with rice and lentils ground batter. Gradually, many versions of Dosa were created and the most popular one is the Masala Dosa.

Also came across this funny version of Dosa and as exactly mentioned in thesocions.com , "It was invented in the process of a Brahmin Adiga (cook) trying to get on the wild side – since Brahmins weren’t allowed access to alcohol, he tried to ferment his own with rice. It did not work, and so he just poured it out on a pan to make a crêpe out of it. Dosha in Kannada means “sin” hence the name given to his attempt at sinning by drinking alcohol was Dosha, later turned to dosa. The reason why it is eaten with chutney today is because the word Chata in Kannada refers to a bad habit. Essentially, dosa mattu chatni (dosa with chutney) was the main dish that people ate; Dosha mattu chata, a sin accompanied by a bad habit." ...

I don't mind being swayed by this dosha/sin then ...Some sins are pure in nature 😉😁😋 #TheEdiblePaapinInMe


Origin of Masala Dosa

As exactly mentioned in thesocions.com , " The story goes to say that dosas were available as breakfast foods in all the South Indian hotels (messes and canteens in South India are most often referred to as hotels) and the Brahmins of Hindu society were the ones in charge of cooking.

Now Brahmins were against the use of onions for their strange customs and beliefs, however, if they ever fell short of potatoes while cooking, they would simply chop up onions and use them in the potato curry. Of course, if there are onions in food, they can clearly be seen by simply looking at the food. To avoid getting into trouble because of this, the cooks would simply take a helping of the potato curry and lift the dosa as if it’s got a flap, insert the masala, that is, the potato curry with onions, and put the flap back down. In this way, the cooks had created a new kind of dosa – the Masala Dosa.


Another story related to the origin of Masala dosa is associated with the King of Mysore. The Maharaja of Mysore had one day thrown an elaborate and extravagant party. However, as it turns out, a lot of food had been left behind and wasted. The king was a good man and he did not want any of this food to go to waste. And so, the king urged his team of cooks and the other staff members of the kitchen to think creatively, so as to come up with a solution to the problem of food wastage at hand. The kitchen staff of the Maharaja responded to this by doing the same thing that the Brahmin cooks did at the hotel – stuffed the plain dosas with potatoes to create the magnificent masala dosa. "

So,interesting !! It always excites me to know the history ,origin and stories related to foods ...👀👏
I also look at all these vegetables and wonder who would have discovered it first and how did they make sure that they were indeed edible etc....#ThatCaveMan/Woman?
Anyways ,

Flashback - memory of my childhood days and Masala Dosa

"तुम अगर साथ देने का वादा करो , मैं यूँ ही मस्त नग़में लुटाता रहूँ ......"( my papa's fav. Bollywood song , mine too ) being played in the TV in Rangoli , a famous program that aired Hindi movie songs in the old ,famous,nostalgic TV channel , DD1 (DoorDarshan )................................👀
The intoxicating fragrance of incense stick swaying into my nose from our small store room in our company quarter which was also our puja mandir,place of worship...Papa lighting diya ,offering prayers to God .....which I felt was not only torturing the God but also to my tender active ear ...

Big bro probably brushing his yellow teeth hard and singing along the Bollywood song being played in the Rangoli as if his version was the best or his other favourite way to torture my tender ears that automatically turned inactive thereafter...#KrurSingh😁
The edible-y magnetic aroma flowing strongly from our little kitchen where amma would be preparing Masala Dosa fast and sometimes furious....

And ME ????💤💬
The busiest - cuddling the pillow as if it was my mom after she woke up and left the bed ,hidden in my safe haven,kambli podappu/Rajai/soft shiny woolen fluffy yet old blanket probably gifted by my uncle from Muskat, sleeping ,snoring and non-stop day dreaming all the good impossible things and wishing if I wake up it should be SUNDAY....my funday !!
And BAMmmmm !!...I could hear the loudest alarm at home - my mother shreiking at the top of her voice as if I was deaf ...Inikaddi/chal utt/wake up kid in a monstrous tone as if she was possessed ...and then the same dialogue which even though I was sleeping I could still deliver like a famous movie dialogue goes ," Look at this and that kid of the neighborhood ,they woke up at 4 in the morning and studying hard "...
When that dialogues doesn't seem to work ,comes the next famous one - ketti karinju velloduthum ke poyi nikendaaa ,ammaiamma nalla cheeta parayumbolley avalkku manasilaavathol ? (after marriage ,when her mother -in-law will scold her ,then only she will realize, my amma was right,I would have listened to her )...

And when that doesn't seem to work ,I could feel someone fast and furiously removing my safe haven ,my kambali poduppu/soft mushy blanket from my face ,all my dreams diffused and me wondering if it is a nightmare - eyes wide open ,staring like a lamb ,at an, I know this face, though it looks so freaky ..oh Yes...that's none other than my mother (SOS !) !! Speechless and dumbstruck,I would wish if I could simply either vanish (but I was neither a Spider-Woman nor He man's niece or not even a Super Man's GF) OR GET THE HELL UP dammit !! 😶
Can't blame her , it used to be a big deal for me to wake up early ,I was always an owl that way (I would stay up late at night to study without any problem and ending up James Bonding, weaving all ghost stories ,the bhtakthi aatmas / spirits doing rounds probably in my neighborhood)...

After many salty and bitter-y dialogues by my mother so that I don't repeat it later ever (which never seemed to work ) , I would somehow drag my body out of the bed and then everything used to be super fast...wonder why ?? 
So that I don't miss all those amazing programs: full of movie songs,cartoons,serials,movie aired in DD1 those days on weekend...starting from Rangoli,He Man - The master of the Universe,Mahabharata/Ramayana,Star Trek,any regional movie in the afternoon even if they were literally speechless /dialogue-less and black and white (chalega nahi daudega ),Spider man or Vikram Betal in the evening followed by a Bollywood movie ....less was more and so precious ...

And then my parents would put powder,kajal on my face ,with two ponytails swinging on left and right,lovely colorful dress,we all would get ready and hop onto my papa's "Apna Bajaj " (Chetak) scooter or our Fiat car and visit our family friends ...That's how my Sunday used to be when I was a kid and that's why I call it my FunDay unlimited....
On Sundays, amma used to make special dishes like chola bhatura , Potato masala with poori ,special non-veg dishes and the one we all used to look forward to was "Masala Dosa " . Even our neighbors kinda looked forward to it....In North India,we had an amazing neighborhood (credit goes to my parents' friendliness and simple people..everyone loved my amma ,she also looked very gori gori / fair like a North Indian ,now she has lost that luster due to old age though ), everyone used to share dishes with each other.
My amma's Masala dosa was something everyone just craved and raved for ...My neighborhood Bihari aunty used to say her son would always tell his wife to prepare dosa sambar like my mom whenever they had a fight and that's the only way he would patch up with his lugai/beloved he would insist...Well,that's why  they say I believe, "The way to a man's heart is through his stomach"💑

When it comes to me ,I LOVE North Indian foods than south Indian .This may sound weird but when my friends would always say I want to marry someone who is rich,handsome,well-educated,
gora chickna etc etc ,my main criteria was to marry someone who was just like me, raised outside Kerala ,knows Hindi, and probably settled as well in such a place where I could be able to eat all my favorite North Indian foods for sure ....especially sweets ,chats,pani puris for sure..Because I never believed or believe in any prince charming or Mr.Perfect or a perfect life.... the Rest all can be adjusted ...

I don't like North Indian sweets made in Kerala like Laddu,jalebi etc...they taste two poles apart...My north Indian aunties from my gali /neighborhood used to insist to my mother that she should marry me to a North Indian only ..Don't know why ...How I wish my mother would have got brainwashed like that 😉😎😍...At least my daughter looks exactly like a typical Bihari girl....Thank God!!!🙇

On top of that ,I also had a secret wish to marry a halwaii/confectioner (for the love of North Indian sweets!)😋😆...Like a Mungeri Lal ke haseen sapne I would daydream 😜😂. Jokes apart , that was one of the main reason why I married my hubby,he was raised and settled in Hyderabad and whenever we visit Hyderabad (if he is at home or if he is not working at home (Most of the time,he would work even during vacation ...Mark Zuckerberg,Elon Musk watch out !😐) (nazar na lagey mere patidev ko kitna kaam karthey hain 😏😐😬) ) I force him to buy me sweets and snacks for sure....In Hyderabad, we get varieties of sweets and snacks and I love Andhra food a lot...My type of place..reminds me my Bokaro...:)
So,when it comes to south Indian foods,one of my favorite food is Masala Dosa for sure.

Though I have no major complaints with my parents,I had an amazing childhood in North India .All credit goes to my parents! Being from the middle class, money was less but life was still colorful.Well, always proud of my father, the way he took care of us ,his family back in Kerala, never saw him smoking or drinking, likewise, my mother never splurging on new sarees, jewelry, or a regular maid --(#MadeForEachOther) .
So grateful to all those sacrifices they made, even gave me ,bro good education (Masters) , married me off with pretty much (cash and kind) that I can somehow even survive by myself on that if I wish to (which is not encouraged and I also don't believe in)...and till today they haven't changed, still living content with less ...My biggest regret is that I am not able to take care of them well.....I know it will never be enough ...All I can do is try my best...

BUT money is certainly very important !!

Still, I do have disagreements with them ...Well,if what they do or say is not fair in some way lol...Sometimes,even my mother thinks that,I am not from this planet😂😈 ....Well,no relationships are perfect ,all have their own terms and conditions , rules and regulations , ups and downs !!....The only person I do listen to as much as possible is my hubby ...That's why I call him my BigBoss!😎😋

सारी उम्र हम मर-मर के जी लिए , एक पल तो अब हमें जीने दो, जीने दो
बचपन तो गया, जवानी भी गई , एक पल तो अब हमें जीने दो, जीने दो
Give me some sunshine ,Give me some rain
Give me another chance , I wanna grow up once again.................( Hindi movie 3 Idiots Ft. )

When I mentioned Mulan in my blog ,I just knew that this girl is a warrior and her name starts with M .To my surprise,when I watched the movie recently ,I couldn't stop smiling ...it strikingly matched with my life's story .I was very tomboyish when I was little ,but my neighbors, though they would complain about me to my parents sometimes ,also pampered me a lot . 

Since my parents are very conservative,I grew up as a lil rebel (as per my mother ) but for the right reason.So,like Mulan,I had a warrior spirit in me always ..I had a (virtual) brush with a knight and I am here to save my king (take care of his well-being because he is careless !) and I've some things to fix back at home ... #FamilyIsDevotion 🙌.... Every woman is her own superhero !! :)) A few synchronicities I could relate to !!😱😂😆

Anyways,coming to the complain box,there is one complaint though. My parents never celebrated our (mine and my bro's ) birthdays with any pomp and show .It used to be the same boring way of going to temple ,amma would make some special dishes, distribute kheer/payasam/dessert to all neighbors and family friends , papa would buy me chocolates that I would take to school and distribute them among my friends after a happy birthday anthem by the teacher and classmates...on our birthday we were allowed to wear color /non-uniform dress ..that I liked !! ....


You see, whenever,it was my friend's birthday,I used to be in a big dilemma, my left brain would be thinking like,I want to give my friend the best gift ever and my right part of my brain would be thinking, damn, since I won't be celebrating my birthday ,I won't be getting back any gift in return as well.
Bohuth duvidha thi bhaiya....Ram Ram...Bechari mein/Paavam njaan😌😬

During school days ,I delegated my chore of finishing up my tiffin box full of south Indian foods especially with my juniors ...I used to stare at them with my mouth wide open (which could not close even if flies would enter and party ) the way they would gobble up each and every vegetable from my amma made sambar and my joy knew no bounds because once I reached home after school, my mother used to always check if I finished up my tiffin box or not ..or else pittaii pakka 💥

My friends also loved my amma's Masala Dosa a lot.So,they all asked for a Masala dosa party at my home ...My mother happily agreed to do so and celebrated my birthday that way ...That's how I finally celebrated my one and only birthday party ~ A Masala Dosa party to remember forever ....Masala Dosa Jai ho !!
During school/college vacation my mother would always train me how to cook ,teach us to write and read Malayalam etc and even though I HATED to do all these ,I always enjoyed to make dosa and a round roti ..It was like a fun game for me to master....Having said that ,my family and myself are surprised that cooking has become my ultimate passion now... 😀
Nothing makes me happy than cooking fresh homely food for my family !😊
So,it's been always fun to prepare dosa and the varieties.So,let me share with you ,how we make my mother's special Masala dosa ,a dosa stuffed with potatoes, vegetables, and peanuts:


Basmati rice , rinsed 4 cupsUrad dal/Black lentils , rinsed 1 cupFenugreek seeds 1 TbspCooked rice 1 cupWater as neededSalt as needed
Potatoes 3 Large Nos.Onion,sliced handfulGreen chillies,chopped 2-4 Nos.Ginger,chopped 1 inchGreen peas,boiled,drained 1/2 cupCarrot,grated 1 No.Groundnut/Peanut,fried 1/2 cupTurmeric powder 1/2 TspWater as neededSalt as needed
Oil /Ghee/Butter for making dosaDosa pan /Round griddle/Pan
Preparation method to make Masala Dosa :
  1. Soak rice in water covering it in a container and similarly ,soak urad dal and fenugreek seeds together in enough water covering it for 8 - 12 hrs until they soften up and you could easily break a rice into two...
  2. Then I remove the water and pour it over my plants ,they act like a fertilizer .Then I rinse rice and urad dal plus fenugreek separately once or twice under clean water and keep them separate in different pans.
  3. Then I ground the urad dal and fenugreek with water covering them by an inch into a smooth paste ,pour it into a wide and big pan and keep them aside.
  4. Then I ground the rice mixture little by little without over-filling the mixer jar with just water covering it into a semi-coarse liquid .I keep it repeating and with the final rice and water , I add the cooked rice and ground them into a smooth batter and pour it into the above pan with urad dal batter and mix them well with a ladle.
  5. Then I place them at a warm place ,during summer at room temperature and during winter inside oven with light on overnight ,atleast for 12 hrs or more or until the batter doubles up and bubbles up (gets fermented).
  6. Then I add salt to the batter and give a good stir to the batter .
  7. Side by side,I will be making the potato vegetable masala for the filling .For that,I boil the potatoes in water on high-medium flame till a knife pierced into confirms it is well-cooked from inside.Then put the flame off and let it rest for a while until they cool off .
  8. I used the cooled boiled potato water to pour over the plants .Then I peel the skin off the potatoes and mash them with a masher and keep them aside.
  9. Then I boil green peas separately as it takes time to cook properly here when compared to other vegetables and I also lightly fry the peas without adding any oil.
  10. Then into a kadai/wide pan goes all vegetables like sliced onion,grated carrots,chopped chillies and ginger,boiled potatoes,turmeric powder,mashed potatoes ,salt to taste and water just covering it and bring them to boil and then cover it with a lid and cook on low flame until all vegetables are cooked and then removet the lid and let it remain on low flame until all water evaporates and it becomes a thick mixture with hardly any liquid ...
  11. Then heat the dosa pan or griddle and smear/spray little oil not too much and keep them on low flame and sprinkle water on top of the pan and when it sizzles,the pan is ready to make dosas and it will also cool down any excess hotness on the pan which may otherwise screw up with making a good round crispy dosa .
  12. Then pour batter 1 laddle or two and with the ladle's back portion ,starting from the center keep on spreading the batter in a circular motion (watch video !) .Let it stay like that for a minute or two until the bottom portion is semi cooked.
  13. Spray oil onto the top and edges ,which will help in making it crispy,brown and easy to remove once cooked.
  14. Then add a tablespoon or more of potato stuffing onto the center.
  15. Then lift the edges of the dosa and roll it gently like a wrap or lift one edge and bring it into the center covering the stuffing ,likewise bring anothe edge from another side and bring it to the center of the stuffing (Watch video !) 
  16. Now remove the masala dosa from the pan ,onto a plate .
  17. Repeat and make as many Masala dosa you wish .
  18. Serve them hot and fresh with sambar,chutney of your choice..
  19. Enjoyyyy....
My mother loved making Masala dosa for sure as it was one of her fav. way of adding different vegetables along with the potato stuffing ,which could be neatly hidden inside the crispy flaps of Masala Dosa and that made sure that myself and my bro eats all vegetables for sure.Very isshmart amma / ende amma puli aanu keta ...chumadanno njan inganney aayi poyathu ..Like mother,like daughter...😉😂😋

Here is the Masala Dosa video on a beautiful snowy day :

So,that's how I make my mother's-style special Masala dosa with potato stuffing ,vegetables,peanuts and I serve them with chutney and sambar .For me making a crispy dosa is an art and with the stuffing in it,the masala dosa becomes a healthy balanced meal by itself .Just one Masala dosa is enough ! One of those dishes that is filling in every way, health-wise and taste-wise as well..Is there anything to hate about it? Oh I LOVE it !..How about you ??? 

Till we meet again in my next post ,PLS take good care of yourself ,don't underestimate Corona in anyway .Corona se thoda darona ...I mean be careful, not fearful !! Stay blessed !

Love and light ,