D(iva) TALKS!

 I love writing (just like that ...) and these are, a few of my reflections (My beliefs and principles scattered in a few words...) contributed to Blogadda's & IndiBlogger's topics ,just to hone my writing ability and improve my vocabulary,which sucks (Didn't I say that?)...
  1.  Be the change - Donate hair !
  2.  Do right- Half stories about unsung heroes of Raghurajpur
  3. What's that smell boss? 
  4. When I met a stranger 
  5. Chapter of that book..
  6. Date with God  
  7. BitterSweet-October 
  8. I was inspired to follow my dreams - to be a homemaker/housewife and more 
  9. A day in the life of a rag picker 
  10. A simple hello could lead to a million things 
  11. Television commercial 
  12. Newspaper Column 
  13. Dedication to my crisis angel
  14. More Indian than you think  
  15. A letter to someone you miss the most ... 
  16. Time travel,green sofa,diary 
  17. Inspiration is within-A letter to my unborn child 
  18. Share a story that ghosts would tell to scare each other.. 
  19. Story with 3 words-Parle G biscuits, Doordarshan, Nataraj dark pencils. 
  20. Blog to feed a child cause - first post 
  21. Blog to feed a child cause - second post 
  22. Blog to feed a child cause - third post 
  23. Blog to feed a child cause - 4th post 
  24. Blog to feed a child cause - 5th post