23 October 2015

Mummy returns|Halloween Trick or treat #2 |Quick Halloween snack

Remember ,"The mummy" and "Mummy Returns" movie series ??? Mummy...I do  Scared and sweating.. The scary saga of wrath of disturbed mummies !!...Phewws.. that scared the hell out of me....but was still fun. :)
I love playing with different picture backgrounds.
So,here is another quick Halloween snack or DIY ,that I made for an instructable contest long time back.Another one rotting in my "draft" and freaking the hell out of me.......


Isn't it strange that in India ,a few kids, call their mothers,"Mummy"? ....Actually I did :| until I read about this later at school .


Mummy is actually derived from the Persian word,"Mum" which means an embalmed body/corpse .An ancient tradition of covering a dead body with strips of clothes and chemicals before burial which was believed to be done for their eternal rest . Ancient traditions and rituals (as shown in History channels ) were quite weirdly interesting & at times spooky too .Isn't it??


However, my mummy treats are sweet souls though they do look spooky by outside .. (Well all credit for that goes to me : P) ...but they are very sweet by inside.....don't believe me ,then check out the recipe :

Mummy returns Trick or treat 


Chocolate finger sticks - 4 nos.
White cake fondant , Lemon size - 1-2 nos.
Black or dark food color
Paper cuts for decoration only


  • Take the fondant , add a drop of shortening or oil and knead with fingers until they become soft and of workable consistency.
  • Lightly dust the work surface for rolling the fondant .
  • Using rolling pin, roll them into a circle or oval shape or any form where you can cut them into thin strips.
  • Using a knife (cutlery) , cut them into many strips.
  • Take a chocolate finger stick and roll them with one by one strip until you cover completely and it looks like a mummy .
  • Put two dots as eyes on them using black food color.
  • Place them on coffin shaped paper cut-outs .
  • Make another rectangle shape cut out with word "RIP" and glue them to toothpicks and decorate it further as shown in the picture.

  • That's it mummies with a sweet revenge returns to entertain your palate :).
It was kind of a spooky coincidence as I was trying to make coffin cuts outs of paper, I didn't find my scale to draw them but then I came across a flyer with four rectangles just the size of mummies I made and I cut them into coffin shapes later and then I came across another one which was a Citi card ad. but had the caption that somehow fit my theme which I used as the background for my mummies ,it said,"Because the journey is just as important as the destination"...for a minute it gave me goosebumps :) ...wondering if someone invisible helped me ...like a puzzle everything fell into the right place ...Believe it or not !!


So, what do you think is it a trick or a treat ? Hope you'll like it.