30 October 2015

Halloween Bats|Trick or treat ?


Halloween is all about anything dark or creepy reminding that it's all about evil .Bats are one among them.It started during ancient times when people would gather around bonfires on Halloween , when nights would be chilly and darkest to keep themselves warm and mostly to ward of evil spirits.The bright lights of bonfire would attract insects and its predators ,"The bats" around.Bats being dark,making shrieking sounds flying in a group appeared scary almost like the presence of spirits and thus became a part and parcel of Halloween since then.Discovery of Vampire bats in the 17th century claiming to be blood suckers were later re-emphasized as the flying spirits or demons.

There is a superstition that , a bat flying around a house thrice , means a bad omen indicating death to the inhabitants. Oooooooooooooooo that's scary ...but the bats I made for the Halloween are sweet and snacky and I'll give you the power to eat and destroy the evil,if any.Sounds good?? Alright let's check the recipe then:

Halloween Bats


Fondant ,lemon size - 1 no.
Oil as needed
Tooth picks


  • Take the fondant , add a drop of shortening or oil and knead with fingers until they become soft and of workable consistency.
  • Lightly dust the work surface for rolling the fondant .
  • Using rolling pin, roll them into a big circle (asymmetrical) .
  • Using a toothpick outline the bat's picture on the fondant.Then cut them accordingly using the toothpick itself.
  • Make five of them - 1 big,4 small sizes.
  • That's it my Halloween bats are ready.
  • Use it on cakes,cup cakes or wherever your creative mind wish to use them Or use it as it is as a Halloween prop and as you know fondant are sweet and edible so can be used as a sweet snack as well.
Happy Halloween,