31 October 2015

Halloween ghosts|Trick or treat ?

Dance to my tune  !!

"When I was a child I was afraid of ghosts. As I grew up I realized people are more scary."  ~ Unknown

Oh yeah ! Tell me about it.When I was small, ghosts sounded scary ,sounded real -the late night invisible visitors ,made me sweaty,even though I loved watching horror movies with one eyes shut and hands around my mom and lights on all over the house  and no one was suppose to leave the room at any case,that was my plight then.

But Thank You America,after coming here and the way Halloween is celebrated here,even all evil things like ghosts and other similar spooky things seems to be more fun now. I enjoy the way, people here dare to decorate their houses with different weird eerie Halloween props .I enjoy all the horror movies in TV and in theatres,which I am a big fan of ,even though still little frightening they are .The most important thing that I enjoy are the way kids doll up or dress up in interesting costumes ,even if they are in some evil costumes they make them look overly cute .Ohhh and the Halloween candies ....candies are always fascinating whatsoever !!

Anyway,I am starting to accept ghosts as not that fearsome,so I even gave them a sweet makeover -

Halloween Ghosts


White (cake)fondants ,small lime size  - 5 nos.
Dark /Black food color


  • Make five small lime size fondant balls.
  • Put a drop of shortening or oil and knead with fingers until soft.
  • Take each balls and stretch with hand until it becomes  kind of (assymetrical) circle shaped.
  • Using food color put two eyes and a mouth on them with a tooth pick and spread it with finger or toothpick itself and put each circly-ghosts on each fingers.
  • And say,"EXPECTO PATRONNUM !" ..Here our spell worked and you can see those ghosts dancing on your finger. Boo yeah....
  • Let them spin on the fingers and EAT THOSE SUCKERS .
Time to destroy the evil !


Happy Halloween !!
The new ghost hunter is in the town ,