01 November 2015

How to cook lentil/dal/parippu without a pressure cooker in less time(10-15 min)|Kerala Parippu curry recipe

In my kitchen,a pressure cooker's name is truly justified as it is always under pressure to cook something or the other fast and healthy.Because of constant pressures of cooking this or thats',I have lost count of the pressure cooker I've owned so far or should I say I've sacrificed so far.Yepp...I challenge this cooker or cookware to it's maximum extent and I've spoiled a lot of them in the process.SO,obviously many times,I am out of a functional pressure cooker .


And a lentil being a staple at most of the Indian homes,I also make them quite often as they are laden with proteins,fibers and other vital nutrients and is quite simple to make, if you cook them in a pressure cooker but what to do when you don't have a pressure cooker at home or you do own like me but now they have become a once-upon-a-time-I-was-a-pressure-cooker-then-I-fell-in-wrong-hands .So,during such scenarios how to cook dals or lentils soft and edible without a pressure cooker and just in equal or less time than cooking in a pressure cooker.Moreover, when you cook lentils without a pressure cooker like this,you can clearly keep an eye over how soft the lentils should become without getting overly mashed up.

Image credit-Malayalamcrap.com

So,this video will show how to cook dals/lentils without a pressure cooker in just 10-15 minutes.Moreover,there is also a recipe to make a lentil curry or say parippu curry Kerala style using tur dal/Split pigeon peas/Tuvar parippu .Usually in Kerala parippu curry ,"Mung dal/cherupayar" is used to make a lentil curry especially for the Kerala's grand feast,Sadya .However,here is a tweak with equally tasty parippu curry a.k.a lentil curry a.k.a dal curry using the Tur dal .I dedicate this curry on the eve of "Kerala Piravi" meaning "Birthday of Kerala",which falls today.

SO the recipe for a Kerala parippu curry with the ingredients needed are included in the video :

Hope it'll be helpful to someone without a pressure cooker  or someone who would like to cook lentils without a pressure cooker.Do you know any other way to cook lentils without a pressure cooker fast ?If so, do share your tips and tricks below.

A very happy birthday to my native place ,Kerala  ,you keep my tropical and homely side always alive ! Missing Kerala,my home,my parents,all kith and kins....

Kerala Piravi Ashamsakal,

P.S. Sadya cherupayar Parippu curry recipe here