Sadya means a grand extraordinary banquet in Malayalam (the language spoken in Kerala/God's own country,a southern state of India) comprising of  anywhere from 11 to 20 or more strictly vegetarian dishes served on an organic plate ,the banana leaf . They are a colorful combination of  rice, curries, pickles, snacks, fruits and desserts .

Sadya is an art in itself ; as each and every item has a particular place on the banana leaf . First of all, banana leaf (hand long approx)  is laid narrow end pointing to the left.Pappadum/paapad is served on the extreme left followed by a small banana,Uperii/Banana chips,Sharakara puratti/sweet jackfruit chips,kerala mango pickle(kadu maanga)/ lemon pickle, ,puliingi/ginger pickle,khichadi,olan,pachadi,erriserry,Kalan,thorans,avial and Kerala Matta rice in the center .Every item is prepared in Kerala oil, the coconut oil exclusively.

Traditionally, people clad in ethnic dress (Settum mundu /set saree for ladies,mundu for men and pavada blouse for girls ,boys can wear anything) sit cross-legged on a mat laid on the floor , then the sadya items are specifically arranged on the Banana leaf .Snacks (banana and jackfruit chips ) are eaten first .Then the parippu curry/lentil curry and ghee is poured over the rice followed by sambar curry and other curries ,one by one as one prefers. The meal usually ends with a mozhu curry/puliserry, which aids in digestion .Finally,a dessert as a Payasam is served which is to be enjoyed with the banana smashed into it and if it’s too sweet , little pickle is used to balance it.No forks or spoons are used,food must be enjoyed with hand.The first full course meal is offered to God,Lord Ganapathy in front of a lighting Lamp (in a strict traditional way,if followed )and then the celebration begins in full swing. 

Sadya is considered to be one of the most detailed and meaningful grand meal prepared and presented by any civilization or culture in the world.

It is prepared especially for special occasions especially Onam,the Grand festival of God’s own country, Kerala , Vishu, the new year of Kerala and Weddings, birthdays, anniversaries  mostly .

It is God’s own country’s , an extra special meal , a must try and to be enjoyed at least once in life. The meal is a celebration in itself !

The sadya items mainly consist of Kerala red rice,matta rice and curries like Parippu, Sambar, Rasam, Pulissery , ingi curry,Kaalan, Avial, Thoran, Olan, Pachadi, Mango pickle, Naranga curry, Papadum, plantain chips,jackfruit chips and the traditional dessert called Payasam.The items and the way they are served varies from region to region in Kerala.

The items ,part of a great sadya at my home are (more or less) :
  1. Rice (Ofcourse :D usually Kerala matta rice is used but I hardly use it ,I prefer white rice mostly)
  2. Papaddum
  3. Banana chips/Ethakka Upperi
  4. Sharkara puratti/Jackfruit sweet chips
  5. Kadumanga Achar
  6. Pavakka mezhukkupuratti 
  7. 2 Vazha Pindi thorans/Banana stem recipes 
  8. Carrot-Pavakka Thoran 
  9. Beetroot-Pavakka-Bitter Gourd thoran 
  10. Kovakka mezhukkupurati- 2 ways 
  11. Vendakka mezhukupuratti 
  12. Kerala Ishtu recipe 
  13. Chakkakuru Mezhukupuratti/Jackfruit seeds stir fry Kerala style 
  14. Beet greens/Beetroot leaves stir fry Kerala style 
  15. Sadya Parippu curry
  16. Thuvar parippu curry 
  17. Muringa ila curry 
  18. Kerala Tomato curry  
  19. Special Maanga pachadi/mango pachadi  
  20. Sambar
  21. Rasam
  22. Olan
  23. Kalan
  24. Puliserry
  25. Mathanga cherupayar |Pumpkin mung beans Erissery
  26. Ethakka cherupayar eriserry 
  27. Mambazha Puliserry|Maanga puliserry|Mango Kerala curry 
  28. Chenna Kadla Koottu curry
  29. Zucchini carrot cabbageThoran
  30. Purple/Red cabbage thoran 
  31. Cluster Beans thoran 
  32. Vazha Koomb thoran 
  33. Green Beans thoran Kerala style (2 methods) 
  34. Kerala special mushroom stir fry/Koon thoran 
  35. Aviyal
  36. Puli Inji
  37. Beetroot Pachadi
  38. Mango Pachadi
  39. Capsicum Stir fry
  40. Drumstick leaves and potato stir fry 
  41. Chembu Thal Thoran   
  42. Spicy Peanut potato fry 
  43. Potato Payasam 
  44. Falooda Payasam
  45. Parippu Pradhaman
  46. Mambazha Pradhaman 
  47. Mango semiya Payasam
  48. Banana Payasam
It is said that during ancient times there used to be up to 64 sadya items served on three Banana leaves per person Shocked and hopefully,I would love to make  64 items and update here gradually.

So, more coming up...... sadya with 64 items in progress.....