25 January 2016

Mother India cookies|Tri color cookies|Sandwich cookies|Republic day food special


          First they ignore you,
they laugh at you,
          then they fight you,

          and then you win  ~ Mahatma Gandhi

And that basically sums up, how the father of the nation, and the great sons and daughters of Mother India won freedom from the Britishers and finally became a free ,republic ,proud nation !


Today,we are gonna celebrate our 66th Republic day .This time ,the grand Republic day celebration at the capital city,Delhi which highlights the multi-rich cultural heritage of India represented by different states of India in the form of cultural programs,Flag hoisting,parades,awards,homage to martyrs  and more ,has got something extra special about it -


Like Gandhiji said,"The greatness of the nation can be judged by the way its animals are treated." And this time ,after a gap of  about 26 years ,Army dogs are going to walk proud ,side-by-side to our great Army forces and not only that French troops are also marching aside and joining the celebration to make it one-of-a-kind . (Athithi devo bhava !)

Last but never the least, an all women CRPF battalions are going to showcase a spectacular dauntless motor bike ride -"Naari abb abla nahi rahi - Women are daredevils in disguise !!" -"Never under estimate the power of a common woman !!"


So,even I am gonna celebrate it in my own special little way,away from my motherland, by baking a Tri color sandwich cookie dedicated exclusively to my motherland - my Mother India cookie..rest ..let the pictures and the video speak for itself ...

So,pls watch my quick video that will show you how to make my Mother India sandwich cookies .The sandwich cookie recipe is included in the video ,so not repeating it.

Freedom in mind,
Faith in words,
Pride in our hearts,
Memories in our souls,
Let's salute the nation on Republic day.......

Vande Mataram,

23 January 2016

WholeWheat eggless Cashew nut cookies |Eggless cookies recipe


The cookies posses the magical power to make my better 1/2 ,child like ...which I loveeee it...but at times I've to remind him that he is not ! For instance ,when we go to any Indian shops for buying grocery, we kinda split into two different direction..me to "sweets" section and he to "cookies and snacks "section .

Then we both keep on staring on those sweets,cookies and snacks respectively and remember the last lbs/kgs popping out of the weighing machine couple of hours back in the morning ...And I get really scared ,as the jeans I'm wearing is already suffocating and threatening me BUT my better 1/2 ,he would have already hidden one packet of cookie in the cart under those greeny vegetables .


You see,he sometimes under estimates me ..he always forget what an Intel inside wife he has ...You got it at least ! I catch him red handed ...And then my lecture starts ,how not that healthy they are ...and before he starts throwing tantrums ,tapping his shoes,making his face like a kid ,I promise him that today I'll be making him some cookies at home for sure .

And I always keep my promises ! So,this time I made some wholewheat egg less Cashew nut cookies .Very easy to make .Very easy to finish !!


SO,pls watch my quick video that will show you how to make an egg less cashew nut cookies .The cookie recipe is in the video .So,not going to repeat it .

Once I bake these cookies,there is a huge competition like who is the biggest kid at home and I don't think I ever stored any cookies ..usually,if I make a bunch,I would distribute it among my friend's kids,otherwise we both loose control and cookies would be on the floor ...or 5 pounds heavier ...Well,cookies are indeed magical !!

19 January 2016

How to make perfect Mirchi Bajji & 5 min Tamarind chutney |Stuffed Mirchi Bajji|Mirapakaya bajji recipe|Chilli Bajji recipe with filling


Walking in the moonlight I'm thinking of you,
Listening to the raindrops I'm thinking of you,
Illamaan kanniloodey (Through the eyes of deer),I'm thinking of you,
Illa neer kanaviloodey (through dreams as clear as water),I'm thinking of you.....

Well,this is one of my favourite gOLDen Malayalam song from the movie Sathyam Shivam Sundaram .


Snap snap ...Are you wondering who is "YOU" here ? (of course, I think of U my reader !)

Do I sound like a Devdas or a Mastani ?

Do I sound love sick ?

I am actually !!...BUT snap snap not for any hunk-y funky ...well ,they were never my weaknesses (or should I admit,I am an out-of-league kinda product :P -who am I kidding!!),my weaknesses are as always,SWEETS especially Indian ones and SNACKS .PERIOD.


And when it is windy,cold or raining, a cup of hot tea/coffee is just awesome and if it is accompanied by a snack which is piping hot,spicy ,crunchy yet tangy is like an icing on a cake, for instance ,like  a mirchi bajji . 

Mirchi Bajji is a snack made up of chilli peppers coated with a batter of gram flour and deep fried to its crisp.It can be enjoyed just like that with some chutney or sauce.However,we can take it to a totally next level with a one-of-a-kind filling or stuffing made up of peanuts,onions,cilantro etc etc ,which makes it simply irresistible and you'll fall in love with chilies finally.....

The star ingredient !!
 I had this tasty chilli bajji in Hyderabad,my Hubby's place ,where it is popularly known as mirapakaya bajji which was totally YUM -just my kind of snack -little spicy,little sweet,little crunchy,little tangy!! It's also my hubby's fave .So,I as usual recreated it several times at home, sometimes after frying, I wondered if I really coated my chilies in the batter as my chilies would play peek-a-boo with me and sometimes the coating looked deformed .Anyways, as they say ,"Practice makes a man perfect " ,I finally learnt the perfect way - how to make a stuffed mirchi bajji Andhra style .

Not only that I am also going to show you how to make a super quick Tamarind chutney in microwave in just 5 minutes that you can use as a dip for any snack and I am using it also as the bajji chutney here .


So,please watch my video below that will show you how to make a Tamarind chutney in microwave in 5 minutes and the Tamarind chutney recipe is included in it :

Also watch the video that will demo clearly how to make a perfect stuffed mirchi bajjis/chilli bajjis as you get in shops and also the mirchi bajjji stuffing/filling for the same.Mirchi bajji recipe is in the video .So,not going to repeat it here unless you scold me with love ..Thx from lazy me !

Now,love like this is not a bhaste of timeGirl Says NO NO

Ajab ghajab si uthal puthal hai man maa
Kaisi hai ye feeling kaise batayein.........

Well,I love this bhaste of time............................................. How about you ?

09 January 2016

Baigun Bhaja|Baingan fry Bengali style|Eggplant fritters

"Kaali kalooti,Baingan looti " /Blacky as an eggplant :| :(....Well,that's the only black thing about my childhood days ..I mean,that's what my big bro used to call me,tease me as he was more fairer than me like my mom and I am dusky like my daddy and it used to irk me like hell and like all irritating brothers,he knew my weak point ;he used to piss me off by saying so ...to my racist irritating bro..ye leDesiSmileys.com


Heheh...now when I think of it ,it makes me LOL and makes me sigh...Nostalgic memories !! My bro grew up,but me, (well,I don't want to ;D) and shhh-ecret..I am still taking revenge silently by irritating him back ....but with love :P...

Well,needless to say,as they say ,foods have memories attached to it...so,I used to just hate this vegetable,"Eggplant/Brinjal",Baingan in Hindi,don't ask me in Malayalam ...I can't even pronounce it properly :(...the other reason why I never liked this vegetable -twisted my tongue ! DesiSmileys.com

Well this vegetable always gave me zor ka jhtaka dheere se ...You see,once I came to US,I was even more surprised to know that this vegetable is known as Eggplant here.I was like ,"O wow,in US,plants produce eggs and then they grow black and longDesiSmileys.com...


However,very soon,my mind would give me a minor shock reminding me,"My unfair lady,why do you keep on forgetting that your G.K is very weak and please give me some break - don't humiliate me indirectly !!"

The shock treatment worked like a charm - I learnt ,Eggplant is nothing but hi-fi ,fancy-pancy upgraded version/name of that vegetable I hate - the mighty Brinjal from India !!

May be ,when my mom wasn't around ,it was God's way of making me eat those vegetable that I hated the most as he knows well that I love eggs for sure,but then he didn't wanted to completely fool me so he added plant beside it as well...lol...Well,I overestimate God ; Sometimes I think, God has no other work than taking care of  even my teeni-weenie stuffs in my life ...Oh my !!..God see I love you so much...


But dear God and mom,yours truly ,is not yet convinced because I still don't like this vegetable that much.However,there is this one Bengali dish called Baigun bhaja/Baingan bhajja/Brinjal fry ,that is ,a type of eggplant fritters that is coated with a batter of gram flour and little spices and then shallow fried to its crisp.Ohh yum!! It can be enjoyed as it is or even with rice ,curry etc...Very simple to make and even any eggplant haters like me would fall in love with ...

As I was surrounded by Bengali neighbours when I was little and we had an awesome rapport,my mom used to prepare this eggplant recipe a lot at home,which I was the first one to complete it...So,here is how I make Brinjal fry/Eggplant fritters/Baigun Bhaja ...Not going to repeat the recipe as it is in the video itself ,until and unless someone scolds me (with love) to ,lazy me !!:p.....So,Please watch my video for the begun bhaja recipe and the method to do it..

 Dear Eggplants ,you finally stole my heart !! Good try !! DesiSmileys.com

04 January 2016

Raspberry Jam recipe|How to sterilize a bottle properly


 Happy New Year to all my precious readers !! Well,for me every day is a happy one ,every new year to be more ..And it is not because my life is perfect,it is because I see good in everything and I am grateful to almighty for it could have been worse and it is for someone somewhere...So,don't worry,be happy is my life's ultimate funda ..Hope yours will be too !!

Now speaking about Happiness - As someone has clearly put it,"Happiness is like a Jam,you can't spread even a little without getting some on yourself ." So,now you know ,why I was preaching you about being happy ...A sweet message hidden inside or say a sweet tarty message inside out !!


Well, today I am gonna share with you all how to make a very simple yet finger licking Jam at home which tastes and looks nothing less than a store bought one ...So,I am going to use Raspberry for making this Jam .The reason why I chose Raspberries,you can find it out from my video below where I'll demo the proper technique to make a Jam with thick spreadable consistency.This Jam gets thicker and thicker ,the more it sits or stored properly.

Not only that,I am also gonna show you how to properly sterilize a bottle for storing Jams,pickles etc as well .Because after making a Jam ,for its long shelf life,it is very important that you store not only in an airtight container but also in a sterilized one.


You only need a very few easily available ingredients and as you know,unlike the store bought ones,they don't have any artificial preservatives,pectins or any other artificial flavors etc in it .So, stop buying those store made Jams and make homemade Jams instead.There is only one drawback--it'll finish very soon !!:|

So,please watch my video that shows how to make a Raspberry Jam at home,the Jam recipe is included in the video itself.So,not going to repeat it again here unless someone requests to.Then as you know, your order is definitely my command !

To make a Jam -

 To sterilize a bottle/canning Jar - 

Hope you'll try it.May you sterilize your life (you know what I mean :D->) to keep all types of negativities away and may your life be as sweet as this Jam and may you spread this Jam on a bread as you would spread happiness everywhere...

Happy dust on you,