31 October 2015

Halloween ghosts|Trick or treat ?

Dance to my tune  !!

"When I was a child I was afraid of ghosts. As I grew up I realized people are more scary."  ~ Unknown

Oh yeah ! Tell me about it.When I was small, ghosts sounded scary ,sounded real -the late night invisible visitors ,made me sweaty,even though I loved watching horror movies with one eyes shut and hands around my mom and lights on all over the house  and no one was suppose to leave the room at any case,that was my plight then.

But Thank You America,after coming here and the way Halloween is celebrated here,even all evil things like ghosts and other similar spooky things seems to be more fun now. I enjoy the way, people here dare to decorate their houses with different weird eerie Halloween props .I enjoy all the horror movies in TV and in theatres,which I am a big fan of ,even though still little frightening they are .The most important thing that I enjoy are the way kids doll up or dress up in interesting costumes ,even if they are in some evil costumes they make them look overly cute .Ohhh and the Halloween candies ....candies are always fascinating whatsoever !!

Anyway,I am starting to accept ghosts as not that fearsome,so I even gave them a sweet makeover -

Halloween Ghosts


White (cake)fondants ,small lime size  - 5 nos.
Dark /Black food color


  • Make five small lime size fondant balls.
  • Put a drop of shortening or oil and knead with fingers until soft.
  • Take each balls and stretch with hand until it becomes  kind of (assymetrical) circle shaped.
  • Using food color put two eyes and a mouth on them with a tooth pick and spread it with finger or toothpick itself and put each circly-ghosts on each fingers.
  • And say,"EXPECTO PATRONNUM !" ..Here our spell worked and you can see those ghosts dancing on your finger. Boo yeah....
  • Let them spin on the fingers and EAT THOSE SUCKERS .
Time to destroy the evil !


Happy Halloween !!
The new ghost hunter is in the town ,

30 October 2015

Halloween Bats|Trick or treat ?


Halloween is all about anything dark or creepy reminding that it's all about evil .Bats are one among them.It started during ancient times when people would gather around bonfires on Halloween , when nights would be chilly and darkest to keep themselves warm and mostly to ward of evil spirits.The bright lights of bonfire would attract insects and its predators ,"The bats" around.Bats being dark,making shrieking sounds flying in a group appeared scary almost like the presence of spirits and thus became a part and parcel of Halloween since then.Discovery of Vampire bats in the 17th century claiming to be blood suckers were later re-emphasized as the flying spirits or demons.

There is a superstition that , a bat flying around a house thrice , means a bad omen indicating death to the inhabitants. Oooooooooooooooo that's scary ...but the bats I made for the Halloween are sweet and snacky and I'll give you the power to eat and destroy the evil,if any.Sounds good?? Alright let's check the recipe then:

Halloween Bats


Fondant ,lemon size - 1 no.
Oil as needed
Tooth picks


  • Take the fondant , add a drop of shortening or oil and knead with fingers until they become soft and of workable consistency.
  • Lightly dust the work surface for rolling the fondant .
  • Using rolling pin, roll them into a big circle (asymmetrical) .
  • Using a toothpick outline the bat's picture on the fondant.Then cut them accordingly using the toothpick itself.
  • Make five of them - 1 big,4 small sizes.
  • That's it my Halloween bats are ready.
  • Use it on cakes,cup cakes or wherever your creative mind wish to use them Or use it as it is as a Halloween prop and as you know fondant are sweet and edible so can be used as a sweet snack as well.
Happy Halloween,

Simple Indian Omelet recipe |How to make a fluffy omellete

"Sometimes things fall apart so that better things can fall together ." ~ Marlyn Monroe

EGG-xactly !! That is what I think whenever I make my quickest ,healthiest and yummiest breakfast - Simple and humble -" Omelette" . It is like a yummy base where your creativity can be unleashed ...make it any way,put anything in it or on it or with it,it just gets better and better .....

Do you know ,an egg contain only 70 calories ,filled with 13 essential vitamins and minerals and full of proteins,in fact,all the necessary amino acids needed by humans to build tissues .The egg yolk are one of the food that provides the natural Vitamin D.It is considered to be the second best nutrition to mother's milk.

Some fun facts :

  • In France, the bride is suppose to break an egg on the threshold of their new home before stepping in,  for good luck and healthy babies.(abcnews.com)
  • Howard Helmer made a Guiness World Record for making, 427 two-egg omelets in 30 minutes.
  • According to Wikipedia,the largest and heaviest  omelet was cooked by the Ferreira do Zêzere City Council in Santarém, Portugal that weighed 6,466 kilograms (14,255 lb), and required 145,000 eggs and a 10.3 meter diameter pan.


 Omelet was the first food item I ever made by myself .My dad says I make the best omelet :D..Dads are biased or may be all men in my family are :D...except mom :P...but when I made an omelet ,she didn't complain either ...

Egg is my favorite non-veg item because of its availability and the ease to cook it any way and make any dish real fast and have a healthy filling meal anytime.I can go out of any vegetables but not of eggs ...It is always in stock !


After my post graduation,when we moved to our native place in Kerala to settle down finally ,I remember throwing a HUGE tantrum like a kid to raise hens at home ,one of my biggest wish since childhood days ,as we have a large backyard with all those coconut trees,mango trees etc....I even wished to own cows :D but maa,paa settled with hens instead ..haha...We had 4 hens :)...I was always running behind them like a kid chasing butterfly ,covering them with large baskets so that they can lay eggs for me without any disturbance ,I used to eagerly look forward to..like a curious child...
They were good obedient hens ,one among them laid twin eggs always i.e. an egg with two yolks :)...It was a special kinda feeling to experience that,simple pleasure of life ...I was the one who ate all the eggs the most...Thank God my bro was working in Bangalore then :P....Mom used to make all the twin eggs omelet exclusively for me ...I was that crazy about egg !!

However,my happiness was short lived as all my hens died one by one ,I remember one dying in front of me..I cried like hell..yeah I did ,that's what happens when you get truly emotionally attached to any living being...since then we never ever had any pets at home ...RIP my hens !...I ate all your eggs ..Thanks for giving all nutrition...love..just for a few pellets of grains you ate everyday....I miss you..I do...It was one of a kind of experience,I'll never forget !

Anyways,here is my easy peasy eggs-cellent omelet recipe in the video .This is how I make a fluffy simple Indian Omelet ...

Enjoy the little things !

29 October 2015

Cluster beans thoran Kerala style|Ammarakka thoran|Kothmara thoran recipe|Guvar/Guar recipe


Me:What do you call cluster beans in Malayalam?
My friend,A- You don't know the Malayalam name..? why ?
Me: Of course,I was brought up in North India,so ,you see I am not that fluent in Malayalam.
A (with rolling eyes) - Really ??? ...Ammarakka/Kothmara/Kothavarkka/Kottavara/cheeni amara/cheeni avarakka...
Me:Thank you...Amara ...(that day onwards I named her so, as she was as bitter as this beans )

When you add too much turmeric and oil...
 Well,there are some stereotypical mallus/malayalee who can't stand people like us with mother tongue, Malayalam but born and brought up in North India ,speaking not that fluently our native language like them .If we do and obviously, it won't be as eloquent as them ,it will naturally be broken Malayalam or Manglish(Malayalam+English),as they say (there can be exceptions though) .

It is, as if we do it knowingly,in fact I've seen Mallus raised in Kerala trying to do so deliberately, to sound "KEWL" and WE,we do it because even though we were suppose to talk in Malyalam at home strictly,our school was an English medium school and kids were from different states of India , prominently Hindi speaking ones.So,spending time with them and our not-just-malayalee community,our native language or the accent ,naturally became so - sound funny or fake-y .


Similarly,when you live abroad especially in US,UK etc ,your English may also become little stylo a.k.a different accent because of the influence of the surrounding or people we are interacting with and then there will be some Indians who will judge it as faking our English or trying-to-sound-cool or non-Indians as ,"no-one-can-understand-your-English".Sighhh !! ...I hate such stereotypes !! I don't understand why people are so quick to judge and impatient to understand others !! It is not even about being sympathetic ,but being empathetic at least...It doesn't make anyone cooler or smarter by pulling others down ...

I call them a cluster of trolls+bullies+Jerks++Insecure+Losers+B**** :P...pods of a pea err bean...........A bitter clustered bean indeed......


When they laugh at me in any way,I laugh at their poor upbringing ! I am quite immune to such people, ,most of the time I forgive,give them a second chance but not a third ...Well, "Accept no one's definition of your life but define yourself "..."People often throw rocks at things that shine." ;) ....

Whenever,I cook with cluster beans,it always reminds me of that lady and so many instances,she is so beautiful ,smiling from outside but that is how she is inside...Bitter !..May be I'll call her Aunty Bean,Mr.Bean's wife ...:P

Whoaaa...that was way too bitter ..I can't forget but I'll forgive ...anyways,let's always focus on the sweet side,the positives - for the starter,may be the positive or the health benefits of these beans....


  1. According to Spiceflair.com, the young and fresh beans are used for cooking purpose and the mature ones are used to make guar gums ,which are used a lot for commercial purposes ; in food and beverages,guar gums are used as a thickening agent,stabilizing,binding agent for like ice creams,puddings etc and in manufacturing, as a binding agent in making tablets,lotions,creams etc.
  2.  According to the healthsite.com,cluster beans are low in glycemic index and have glyconutrients,so they help in controlling sugar .So,quite good for diabetic people.
  • They are loaded with many vitamins and minerals like calcium,phosphorous,vitamin K,so good for bones and teeth.
  • They have high levels of folic acid and iron which are quite helpful for pregnant ladies and the fetus growing.
  • They are a good laxative and detoxifiers ,so they help in eliminating all toxins from the body and keeps the digestive system in tact.
  • They have hypoglycemic properties,that can sooth the nerves in the brain and thereby reduce the tension or any anxiety issues .
Hmmm..now it doesn't sound that bitter ! So,here is a very simple cluster beans recipe ,a Kerala style Ammarkka/kothamara thoran,a stir fry made with coconut .It can be served with boiled rice,any curry ,pickle etc...

So,the recipe and the method to make a cluster beans or ammarakka thoran is demonstrated in this quicky video.If you order I'll write the recipe here otherwise lazy lazy...

Those cluster of health benefits really inspired me to forgive all bitterness and see the sunny side ...to a healthy body and more stronger mind............what  say!

Eat,love,live DELICIOUSLY,

28 October 2015

Purple cabbage thoran recipe Kerala style|Red cabbage recipe


I love presents and what I love the most about it is to unwrap it .Then there are some vegetables which you can also unwrap,for example,Cabbage .When I was little I used to wonder,what exactly is inside this vegetable cabbage .I remember once,removing layer by layer thinking there will be a hidden fruit inside and by the time I was done ,I saw my mom standing beside me with a stick .As usual ran for my life ,hid behind my dad . (Mom believed in ,"Spare the rod,spoil the child." and dad believed in ,"Spare the child and spoil the rod!")

Doesn't it look like a brain !

Though I am not a big fan of cabbage ,I love that it is one of the vegetable that is easy to cook and cooks fast .However,looks like the vegetable kingdom is trying to lure me ,that is ,after coming to US,I saw cabbage that got a purple or red makeover .And I love colors . Now,that is one thing that fascinates me and then it is also something my better 1/2 loves it and then there are other reasons too like -


  1. Cabbage is considered Russia’s national food.
  2. Red cabbage is more healthier than the green ones as they contain more phytonutrients .A steamed cabbage is more healthier than the raw ones and helps in lowering the cholesterol level.
  3. According to the preventdisease.com,the vitamin C equivalent, a measure of antioxidant capacity, of purple cabbage is also six to eight times higher than that of green cabbage.
    • It is full of vitamin K and anthocyanins that helps with mental function and concentration. These nutrients also prevents nerve damage, therefore prevents Alzheimer’s disease, Parkinson disease and  dementia. (OH,I certainly should eat then..for my foggy brain's sake atleast !)
    • A Study on women showed a reduction in breast cancer when cruciferous vegetables like cabbage were added to their diet.
  4. According to the fullcircle.com,Cabbage is a natural source of electrolytes and minerals like calcium, potassium, phosphorous, manganese, iron and magnesium, which can help control heart rate , blood pressure and diabetes.It is full of fibers which aids in weight loss.
  5. According to the care.com,a warm compress made with cabbage leaves can help relieve headache. Crush cabbage leaves, place in a cloth, and apply on the forehead. Also, drink raw cabbage juice 1-2 oz. (25-50ml) daily for chronic headaches. 
  6. Since Roman times,hangovers from heavy drinking was reduced by using cabbage.
  7. They also help in reducing premature aging.(I am so on it !!)
 However,there is a downside to it,it may interfere with the absorption of iodine ,needed for the proper functioning of the thyroid gland and so people with thyroid problems should avoid eating a lot.

 I guess,I got what I was always searching for in a cabbage,it was indeed hidden ..but not any more..I think, I should really eat them a lot ,it will certainly be an edible gift/present to my body which my health will thank me for!
So,here is one recipe,a Kerala style Cabbage thoran ,a side dish made with coconut and mild spices .It goes really good with boiled rice and any curry or you can have it anyway you wish.
So,this is how I make a purple cabbage thoran Kerala style...
As always,since the ingredients and method is already in the video,I feel lazy to write it down here again....
So,pls see my quicky video that will show you what you need to make this Kerala style thoran and how to make it.

 Look at that cabbage ,it looks more like a brain-y vegetable than any present.May be this is what I was missing to make my brain more sharp and working ;P !!hmmmm....Point noted !!
Eat,love,live DELICIOUSLY,

27 October 2015

Coriander coconut chutney recipe|Dhaniya chutney


There was a time when I used to think,coriander leaves a.k.a cilantro, are used only for garnishing any dish or to make a chutney that goes well with the Indian chaat .But then I used to hate any green colored chutney ,in fact I thought this chutney spoiled the taste of the tangy Tamarind chutney or ketchup when used as a condiment with any snack .I hated it ,kept it aside when served along with any snack and never cared to make any recipe with it ,even garnishing .

 Up until , one of my friend served me a coriander chutney with idli for the breakfast .Since,I didn't wanted to disappoint her effort and there was no other option other than to eat those idlis,I had to eat it silently but guess what ,I just loved that chutney .It went awesome with the idli .I asked for the recipe and I noted it in my brain with short term memory and then I lost touch with her .However, the taste lingered ,so,I tried recreating it in different ways and tortured my hubby's patience so much that he started hating coriander ,but failures are the stepping stones to success, so,I finally came out with a recipe which my better half's palate clicked - the "Like" button .Phewww...


Not only that,there are other reasons why I am incorporating Coriander in my diet lately .

  • According to the whfoods.com-
  1. Coriander is derived from the Greek word koris, meaning bug because of the "buggy" odd smell it has when unripe.
  2. In parts of Europe,Coriander is considered to be anti-diabetic in nature.In India,it is also considered to have anti-inflammatory properties that can protect the nervous system from damage.In US,it is being recognized as "cholesterol lowering" herb .
  3. A study published in the June 2004 issue of the Journal of Agriculture and Food Chemistry,states that Coriander contains an anti bacterial compound that can prevent and fight off Salmonella,a deadly food borne illness.
  • According to the medicalnewstoday.com,A study reported in the American Journal of Clinical Nutrition - common spices - including coriander - can inhibit HeteroCyclic Amine (HCA) (a chemical formed when any meat is cooked at high temperature that is associated with higher risk of cancer) .
  • According to the herbwisdom.com
  1. This herb is an excellent source of iron, phytonutrients ,flavonoids and Calcium.
  2. Recent studies have shown that coriander can cause a mild euphoria ,can be successfully used in treating anxiety, depression and panic attacks due to its anxiolytic and sedative effects. It can detoxify the liver ,aid in digestion,prevent nausea and increase the appetite.It also has blood thinning properties.It eases Arthritis as well.
  3. Boiled coriander seeds helps in regulating menstrual disorders especially heavy blood flow ,pain and any hormonal mood swings in women.
  4.  In The Tales of the Arabian Nights, coriander is mentioned as a powerful aphrodisiac.
  5. The antimicrobial properties of coriander helps in preventing and curing small pox. 
  6. They also have anti-histamine properties that can ease seasonal allergies.  

    WOW!! Now,I think I can eat those leaves like a herbivorous ! Man,there is a herb in that word too...
    Anyways,it tastes much better as this recipe - my coriander coconut chutney ,quick to make and eat with not only idli, dosa but also with any snack .

    So,this is how I make my coriander coconut chutney - 

    Pls watch my quicky video for the ingredient list and the 1-2-3 method to make the chutney jhatpat.

    I LOVE YOU,coriander !

25 October 2015

Millet flour Chocolate chip cake|Gluten free eggless millet cake


"All the things I really like to do are either immoral, illegal or fattening. "- Alexander Woollcott.

I don't know about the immoral or illegal thing,but when it comes to fattening,I totally agree with you Mr.Woollcott .

That's one thing that scares me or stops me from baking a lot or making any kind of sweets ,for that matter ,as my body is still waiting for that vaccine that can prevent even air I breathe, from making me fat .Oh my !!


 I wish I would have my wisdom tooth left and my sweet tooth removed !! No matter how health conscious I become, sweets,cakes or any bakes always seduces me to just devour; corrupts my mind and heart,reminds me "Love is blind" ,"Life is short and sweet","Don't be too hard on yourself" and guess what ,my heart melts like an ice,sweet tooth struggles to resist ,my mouth becomes an oasis of sweet water,my taste buds becomes restless, and my body becomes automatically receptive .My tummy loses control and next day my weighing machine would be screaming ,"Get off me!" and my treadmill ,"LOL..Welcome back lady !!".

Sighhh !! Life is struggle in every way !! However,since I also believe in to never to give up...So,I am always on the look out for ways to bake anything or sweets that will be healthy somehow yet equally tasty as much as possible . Here is one which I love ,white millet cake which is egg less and gluten free and very healthy !! Something which has become my daily breakfast lately ...


So,here is how I bake a healthy cake that is eggless,gluten free made with white millet flour/Sorghum flour/Jowar flour :
           Gluten free eggless White millet flour cake


White millet Flour/Sorghum Flour/Jowar aata - 1 cup
Baking powder - 1 teaspoon
Powdered sugar - 2/3-1 cup
Butter,melted - 4 tablespoon
Banana, pureed - 1 no.
Milk - 1/2 cup
Chocolate chips - 1/4 cup
Vanilla essence - 1 teaspoon (optional)
Butter,melted,for greasing - 1-2 teaspoon 

Method in the video:

Note:I've used an over-ripe banana, so used less sugar.So,adjust the sugar as per your preference.Consume it the day you bake it as it's texture changes by next day.

Baking is fun but baking something healthy is more interesting.Like ,François de la Rochefoucauld said, 'To eat is a necessity, but to eat intelligently is an art.'...I hear that..I am learning......There is hope at the end of the sweet tunnel :D...

Bake,Eat,Love,Live well,

P.S. How to prevent dry fruits,nuts,chocolate chips from sinking?

24 October 2015

HOW TO -prevent dry fruits,nuts,chocolate chips,fruits from sinking to the bottom while baking ?


 Food for thought : " It doesn't matter if you win or lose,it's how you bake the cake ."

True that ! It is not about winning or losing ,it is about the process . It is about the details .It is not about the fancy in cooking ,it is about the basics,,the simplicity ..It is not just about the "WOW" factor ,it is more about the minute particulars hidden in the "HOW" factor !! I think this is exactly what my mom truly believes in ..that .."Cooking is an art ,it is the basics that makes it a true classic " ..down the line !! ....Though cooking with mom can be nerve racking because of her perfection meaning "attention to details"...which I despised many times...still I feel like I don't know anything when I cook with her...of course ,not yet reached to match my mother's caliber...what I know for sure is if my foundation is strong ,her guidance and consistent practice will make it perfect someday !! Mom seconds that and appreciates my effort now !! And that keeps me going no matter what...

Have you ever baked something and you had to use like dry fruits,nuts,fruits,chocolate chips etc in baking a cake or a bread ,muffin etc and did you witness them sinking like Titanic did - rock bottom?

Oh I did several times .Sometimes I baked with chocolate chips and after baking I would be wondering,"Did I forget to add those chocolate chips in the batter?" but guess what ,I would find them all baked at the bottom of the cake rather than on top or in between .But mistakes are the best teachers ,if we are able to acknowledge the lesson behind that .

So,here are the simple tips and tricks I learned over the years ,to prevent any nuts,dry fruits,chocolate chips,fresh fruits from sinking to the bottom of the cake,bread etc while baking . 

Pls watch the video that will show you the simple workaround and the other points to remember to prevent them from sinking while baking and keep them floating !

These are some tips that works for me,let me know if you have any other tips besides ,feel free to share it below and teach me . I would really appreciate that !

The difference between something good and something great is attention to detail. ~ Charles Swindoll.

Happy Baking ,

23 October 2015

Mummy returns|Halloween Trick or treat #2 |Quick Halloween snack

Remember ,"The mummy" and "Mummy Returns" movie series ??? Mummy...I do  Scared and sweating.. The scary saga of wrath of disturbed mummies !!...Phewws.. that scared the hell out of me....but was still fun. :)
I love playing with different picture backgrounds.
So,here is another quick Halloween snack or DIY ,that I made for an instructable contest long time back.Another one rotting in my "draft" and freaking the hell out of me.......


Isn't it strange that in India ,a few kids, call their mothers,"Mummy"? ....Actually I did :| until I read about this later at school .


Mummy is actually derived from the Persian word,"Mum" which means an embalmed body/corpse .An ancient tradition of covering a dead body with strips of clothes and chemicals before burial which was believed to be done for their eternal rest . Ancient traditions and rituals (as shown in History channels ) were quite weirdly interesting & at times spooky too .Isn't it??


However, my mummy treats are sweet souls though they do look spooky by outside .. (Well all credit for that goes to me : P) ...but they are very sweet by inside.....don't believe me ,then check out the recipe :

Mummy returns Trick or treat 


Chocolate finger sticks - 4 nos.
White cake fondant , Lemon size - 1-2 nos.
Black or dark food color
Paper cuts for decoration only


  • Take the fondant , add a drop of shortening or oil and knead with fingers until they become soft and of workable consistency.
  • Lightly dust the work surface for rolling the fondant .
  • Using rolling pin, roll them into a circle or oval shape or any form where you can cut them into thin strips.
  • Using a knife (cutlery) , cut them into many strips.
  • Take a chocolate finger stick and roll them with one by one strip until you cover completely and it looks like a mummy .
  • Put two dots as eyes on them using black food color.
  • Place them on coffin shaped paper cut-outs .
  • Make another rectangle shape cut out with word "RIP" and glue them to toothpicks and decorate it further as shown in the picture.

  • That's it mummies with a sweet revenge returns to entertain your palate :).
It was kind of a spooky coincidence as I was trying to make coffin cuts outs of paper, I didn't find my scale to draw them but then I came across a flyer with four rectangles just the size of mummies I made and I cut them into coffin shapes later and then I came across another one which was a Citi card ad. but had the caption that somehow fit my theme which I used as the background for my mummies ,it said,"Because the journey is just as important as the destination"...for a minute it gave me goosebumps :) ...wondering if someone invisible helped me ...like a puzzle everything fell into the right place ...Believe it or not !!


So, what do you think is it a trick or a treat ? Hope you'll like it.

21 October 2015

Apple monster|Quick Halloween snack|Trick or Treat?

They say ,"An apple a day,keeps doctor away!" .For sure ,as they are one super nutritious fruit with loads of antioxidants,multi-vitamins,dietary fibers which can aid in preventing heart disease,diabetes,hypertension,dementia,bad cholesterol,cancer especially breast cancer and what not.A miracle food it is known as!


Now you'll be like DesiSmileys.com...Here, she goes with another lecture :-\...I lovvvee to eat your brain :D.


Well,if I wouldn't have highlighted those apple's benefits and reminded you again ,I wonder if you will ever try my "Apple MONSTERS". You see...I mean look at those cute innocent pearly Apples..How irresistible!!  ...DesiSmileys.com


I don't know if you ever noticed it but during Halloween nights they do turn into monsters  ...and this is exactly how they look like ...:P. Alright before you start saying #$$%^&*@#...this is one of my old post rotting in my "draft" section since years of Halloween,totally forgotten and scaring me every now and then to post it.

So,here you go, my quick Halloween snack for the upcoming "Halloween",introducing -"The Apple monsters".....Kids are gonna love it I guess..they can easily and quickly make and this time ..they may in fact,find it quite brave enough to eat those monsters , destroy the devil and become superheros thereby ..well that's my plan for sure...one day I'll be making them exclusively for my kiddos on a Halloween eve..So, before I forget ,it's also good to jot it down here beforehand ..

Apple monsters


Organic Apple - 3 nos.
Candy corns - As needed
Mint candy - 2-6 nos.
Chocolate covered raisins - 2-6 nos
Pumpkin shaped chocolates
Pom Juice for decoration


  • Clean the Apple properly .
  • Once dry, cut a wide slice from the middle to make it look like Apple M's mouth.
  • Put two candy corns as two vampire teeth at both the end and broken ones in the middle.Use gum paste to glue them properly or just insert it into the apple flesh hardly but gently .
  • Put the mint candies as two horns and chocolate covered raisins as eyes .Glue them with edible gum paste.
  • Splash some juice and decorate further with pumpkin shaped chocolates.
  • There you go,you just made those poor cute apples into monsters.:P
When I asked my hubby how does this Apple look like ,he was DesiSmileys.com.That meant "Mission accomplished" :D meaning indeed an Halloween snack I believe.Well,what do you think ?? Trick or treat ???

It's certainly not  apple of  anyone's eye I believe.Is it ? :D